Effect of simplified feeding based only on wheat bran and brewer’s grain on rabbit performance and economic efficiency

Zakia Cherifi, S. A. Kadi, A. Mouhous, C. Bannellier, M. Berchiche, T. Gidenne


Simplified diets are based on maximum incorporation of fodder and/or by-products into animal feed, thus minimizing the formulation and the costs. This study aimed to evaluate the possibility of feeding fattening rabbits with a simplified diet composed of only two agro-industrial by-products inexpensive and locally available: brewer’s grain and wheat bran. At weaning (35 days), 68 rabbits were divided into two identical groups (mean weight = 833 g) and housed in individual cages until slaughter (77 days). Each of the two groups (B0 and SF) was fed ad libitum either a commercial pelleted feed (control), or a simplified pelleted  experimental diet "SF" containing 72% wheat bran and 27% brewer’s grain. The feed conversion was within the standards and similar in the two groups (3.55 on average). The growth rate and feed intake of B0 group were 12% higher (P <0.001) than that of the SF group (35.2g vs 31.2 and 128.3 vs 113 g/d). The cold carcass yield and the carcass weight were respectively higher (P <0.001) by 4 units and by 9% in the control group. The carcass of SF group was less fatty (perirenal fat: -23%, inguinal fat: -41% and scapular fat:-14%). The economic efficiency was 40% better for SF diet with almost 50 Algerian Dinar more benefit (/kg of meat) in current local market conditions.



rabbit; growth; slaughter traits; economic efficiency; brewer’s grain; wheat bran

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