Qualitative improvement of rabbit burgers using Zingiber officinale Roscoe powder


  • S. Mancini University of Pisa https://orcid.org/0000-0001-8643-507X
  • G. Preziuso University of Pisa
  • F. Fratini University of Pisa
  • B. Torracca University of Pisa
  • R. Nuvoloni University of Pisa
  • A. Dal Bosco University of Perugia
  • G. Paci University of Pisa




burger, rabbit meat, ginger, meat quality, colour, rabbits


The object of this study was to evaluate the effect of Zingiber officinale powder on physical-chemical traits, microbiological growth and sensory properties of rabbit burger. Raw burgers (only meat and meat added with 1 and 2% w/w ginger powder) were stored at 4°C for 1, 4 and 7 d and then cooked. Ginger modified the colour of both raw and cooked burgers, leading to more yellow hue and reducing lightness. Aspect of burgers were affected by ginger powder addition, leading to a noticeable difference between the samples. During storage time, the highest modifications were recorded for control samples, followed by burgers with added ginger. Sensory evaluation highlighted that ginger enhanced the juiciness of the burgers; moreover, burgers with ginger powder presented a significant delay in microbial growth. Ginger powder might be considered as a potential ingredient in rabbit meat products to increase their quality and extend their shelf-life.


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Author Biographies

S. Mancini, University of Pisa

Department of Veterinary Science

G. Preziuso, University of Pisa

Department of Veterinary Sciences

Interdepartmental Research Center “Nutraceuticals and Food for Health

F. Fratini, University of Pisa

Department of Veterinary Sciences

Interdepartmental Research Center “Nutraceuticals and Food for Health

B. Torracca, University of Pisa

Department of Veterinary Sciences

R. Nuvoloni, University of Pisa

Department of Veterinary Sciences

Interdepartmental Research Center “Nutraceuticals and Food for Health

A. Dal Bosco, University of Perugia

Department of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Science

G. Paci, University of Pisa

Department of Veterinary Sciences

Interdepartmental Research Center “Nutraceuticals and Food for Health


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