Comparison of semen characteristics and histological structure of the testis from transgenic and non-transgenic rabbits

 N. Lukac, P. Massanyi, S. Flesarova, J. Danko, A.V. Makarevich, P. Chrenek


The aim of this study was to compare semen characteristics including sperm quantity, quality, and abnormalities, as well as histological structure of the testis of three-year old transgenic (human clotting factor, hFVIII, gene) and nontransgenic rabbits. For the experiment, 10 transgenic rabbits of F2 and F3 generations and 10 randomly selected non-transgenic males of the same breed and age were used as controls. All males were housed in individual cages, under a the same environmental conditions: photoperiod (14L:10D), temperature (18-20°C), and humidity (65-70%). Semen samples, collected once a week for 20 wk from each control and transgenic male, were analyzed by computer assited semen analysis within a few minutes following natural ejaculation into an artificial vagina. Concentration of spermatozoa was higher in the transgenic than in the non-transgenic group (P<0.001; 316.6±148.8 and 126.7±64.4×106/ mL, respectively). Significant differences (P<0.1) between transgenic and non-transgenic males were observed also in spermatozoa motility (63.08 vs. 32.60%). Significantly higher (P<0.05) relative volume (8.08±2.89%) and diameter of testicular lumen (36.89±23.11 μm) were found in the transgenic animals compared to control animals (16.69±4.70%, 53.89±25.42 μm). Our results show that spermatozoa parameters and histological structure of the testis can be used for the characterization of male reproductive traits of older transgenic rabbits.


transgenic rabbit; spermatozoa quality; testicular histology

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 Universitat Politècnica de València


Official journal of the World Rabbit Science Association (WRSA)


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