Effect of collection frequency on rabbit semen production


  • A. Nizza Università "Federico II"
  • C. Di Meo Università "Federico II"
  • S. Taranto Università "Federico II"
  • G. Stanco Università "Federico II"




The effect of collection frequency on the volume, concentration, motility and live sperm of rabbit semen was studied. Ten crossbreed Hyla bucks were used in two groups (five per group) during 17 weeks. In the extensive rhythm, two ejaculates per male were collected 10-15 minutes apart on one day each week. In the semi-intensive group two ejaculates per day were collected on two consecutive days each week, The proportion of useful ejaculates obtained decreased as collection frequency increased (0. 75 and 0.58 for the extensive and semi-intensive rhythms, respectively). Among the ejaculate characteristics studied - volume/ejaculate, sperm concentration, motility, live sperm – only volume/ejaculate showed significant differences between rhythms (0.68±0.06 and 0.57±0.01 mi for the extensive and semi-intensive rhythms, respectively). The number of doses (20 million spermatozoa) produced per ejaculate decreased as collection frequency increased, but the number of doses produced per week was higher in the semi-intensive than in the extensive rhythms (28.8±1.5 and 23.3±2.0 doses/week, respectively). These results suggest that semi-intensive rhythms should be used, al least at times of the year that are less favourable for male libido, in arder to obtain a larger number of doses per week.


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