Superovulation and expression of follicle-stimulating hormone receptor in young rabbit females


  • Hao Zhang Yangzhou University
  • Guo Hu Cheng Yangzhou University
  • Yong Jun Li Yangzhou University
  • Miao Yin Cai Yangzhou University
  • Hai Yan Guo Yangzhou University
  • Kang Le Qin Yangzhou University



rabbit, superovulation, follicle-stimulating hormone receptor, in vitro maturation, in vitro fertilisation


To optimise the use of juvenile in vitro embryo transfer technologies in young rabbit females, superovulation was performed in New Zealand White young rabbit females at different ages and the expression mode of follicle-stimulating hormone receptor (FSHR) was explored using real-time quantitative polymerase chain reaction, and in vitro maturation (IVM) together with fertilisation (IVF) was conducted immediately after superovulation. The results showed that (1) the age factor significantly affected superovulation in young rabbit females, with 60 d as an optimal age; (2) the mRNA level of FSHR exhibited a rising trend, though it was lower at 30 to 40 d of age; (3) the maturation rate of the oocytes from 60 d old rabbits was significantly higher than in those from 50 d old rabbits; (4) the fertilisation rate of oocytes was not significantly different among rabbits 50, 60 and 70 d old.


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Author Biographies

Hao Zhang, Yangzhou University

College of Animal Science and Technology

Guo Hu Cheng, Yangzhou University

College of Animal Science and Technology

Yong Jun Li, Yangzhou University

College of Animal Science and Technology

Miao Yin Cai, Yangzhou University

College of Animal Science and Technology

Hai Yan Guo, Yangzhou University

College of Animal Science and Technology

Kang Le Qin, Yangzhou University

College of Animal Science and Technology


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