Effect of turmeric powder (Curcuma longa L.) and ascorbic acid on antioxidant capacity and oxidative status in rabbit burgers after cooking





rabbit, meat quality, antioxidant, turmeric, ascorbic acid, cooked burger


The aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of turmeric powder and ascorbic acid on lipid oxidation and antioxidant capacity in cooked rabbit burgers. The burgers were derived from 3 different formulations (C, control, with no additives; Tu with 3.5% of turmeric powder and AA with 0.1% of ascorbic acid) and were stored at 4°C for 0 and 7 d and cooked. The lipid oxidation (thiobarbituric acid reactive substances [TBARS]) and antioxidant capacity (2,2-azinobis-[3 ethylbenzothiazoline-6-sulfonic acid] {ABTS}, 1,1-diphenyl-2-pircydrazyl [DPPH] and ferric reducing ability [FRAP]) were evaluated. A significant interaction between storage time and formulation (P<0.001) was observed for DPPH, FRAP and TBARS in cooked burgers. At day 0 and day 7, the DPPH value was higher in Tu and AA compared to C burgers. At day 0, C showed a lower level of FRAP than the Tu and AA burgers. At day 7, the FRAP values tended to decrease but remained significantly higher in Tu and AA compared to C burgers. Lipid oxidation at day 0 in Tu and AA showed lower TBARS values compared to C burgers. The addition of 3.5% turmeric powder in rabbit burgers exerts an antioxidant effect during storage and it seems more effective in controlling lipid oxidation than ascorbic acid after cooking.


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Author Biographies

S. Mancini, University of Pisa

Department of Veterinary Science

Interdepartmental Research Center “Nutraceuticals and Food for Health”

G. Preziuso, University of Pisa

Department of Veterinary Science

Interdepartmental Research Center “Nutraceuticals and Food for Health”

G. Paci, University of Pisa University of Pisa

Department of Veterinary Science

Interdepartmental Research Center “Nutraceuticals and Food for Health”


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