Immune responses induced in rabbits after oral administration of bovine serum albumin in combination with different adjuvants (herb extracts, aluminium hydroxide and platinum nanoparticles)


  • G. Bižanov State Research Institute Center for Innovative Medicine
  • A. Ramanavičienė State Research Institute Center for Innovative Medicine
  • T. Normantienė State Research Institute Center for Innovative Medicine
  • I. Jonauskienė State Research Institute Center for Innovative Medicine



herb extract, platinum nanoparticles, аluminium hydroxide, rabbits, oral administration, immunostimulatory activity


The aim of the current study was to evaluate the immunostimulatory activity of 10 different herbal extracts from Vitex agnus-castus, Vinca major, Aloe arborescens and the polyherbal product containing extracts from Sambucus nigra, Primula versis, Pinus alba, Gentiana lutea, Cetraria islandica, Eucaliptus globulus, Citrus limon and aluminium hydroxide, as well as platinum nanoparticles. Rabbits were immunized three times orally with bovine serum albumin (BSA) in combination with the components mentioned above. BSA-specific IgA antibodies in saliva and IgG antibodies in serum were examined by ELISA. It was found that the rabbits immunized with BSA in combination with either platinum nanoparticles or aluminium hydroxide had higher titres of BSA-specific IgA antibodies in their saliva at day 56 of observation. Likewise, rabbits treated with BSA and Vinca major or Aloe arborescens extracts showed higher levels of BSA-specific IgG antibodies in the serum at the end of observation. These results suggest that some plant extracts, aluminium hydroxide and platinum nanoparticles components could be used as oral adjuvants or as immunomodulators for rabbits.


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Author Biographies

G. Bižanov, State Research Institute Center for Innovative Medicine

Department of Biomodels

res. ass.

A. Ramanavičienė, State Research Institute Center for Innovative Medicine

Department of Immunology


T. Normantienė, State Research Institute Center for Innovative Medicine

Deparment of Biomodels,

Junior res. ass.

I. Jonauskienė, State Research Institute Center for Innovative Medicine

Head Lab. Biomodels,


res. ass.


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