Preliminary results of intra cytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) applied on rabbit: a technical note.

 M.J. Escribá, F. García Ximénez


In a foundation process of a maternal rabbit line using high selection intensities, from sorne hyper prolific females, selected as embryo donors, the subjects were very old and in an unhealthy condition (24%). An in vitro procedure to obtain embryos from this kind of females would be desirable. Sorne technical improvements used for human intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) have resulted in an enhancement of cleavage rates. This method may be applied to rabbits. Spermatozoa from ejaculated washed semen samples were immobilised in 5% PVP droplet by touching the tail and aspirated tail first into the microinjection pipette. The positioned oocyte was punctured. Sorne ooplasm was aspirated. After rupturing the plasmalema by gentle aspiration, the withdrawn ooplasm and the sperm were inserted into the oocyte. The cleavage rate of intact (86/107; 80%) oocytes was checked at 24 hours after ICSI (39/107; 36%). In vitro development up to the morulae (22/39; 56%) and blastocyst stage (5/39; 13%) were obtained.

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 Universitat Politècnica de València


Official journal of the World Rabbit Science Association (WRSA)


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