Description of a simple method for In Vivo follicular oocyte recovery in the rabbit

 F. Garcia-Ximenez, M.J. Escriba


A simple and inexpensive folliculocentesis set was developed for in vivo recovery of rabbit follicular oocytes. The work focused on evaluating recovery rates and procedure sequels. The folliculocentesis set was composed of two concentric catheters. Briefly, the procedure involves inserting the needle point, attached to the inner catheter, into the follicular cavity; flushing the perfusion medium at the same time, in order to wash the follicular contents. 14 does were used in this experiment. Folliculocentesis was performed 7-9 hours alter hCG-treatment (25 IU). The maximum diameter of the intact follicles to be punctured was 1.5 mm. The average operating time was around 14 minutes per doe. Overall, per doe, an average of 10.14 follicles were punctured and 7.0 oocytes were recovered (recovery rate 69%). Does were slaughtered 48 hours after follicular puncture and no sequels were detected at the ovarian level.

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 Universitat Politècnica de València


Official journal of the World Rabbit Science Association (WRSA)


e-ISSN: 1989-8886     ISSN: 1257-5011