Genetic characteristics and distances amongst spanish and french rabbit populations

 I. Martin-Burriel, S. Marcos, R. Osta, E. García-Muro, P. Zaragoza


A total of 990 rabbits were tested using 18 blood electrophoretic markers. These animals belong to 6 breed populations presently breed in Spain (Spanish Common, Spanish Giant, Butterfly, Burgandy Fawn, New Zealand White and Californian), one Spanish cross-breed population, three French crossbreed populations originated from the INRA selected lines (1077, 2066 and 9077) and one Wild Spanish population. 12 markers were found to be polymorphic (Dia-2, 6-Pgd, Es-1, Es-2, Es-3, Es-7, Ada, Hp, Tf, Ca-2 and Hb), each one being controlled by one locus and showing autosomal co-dominant Mendelian inheritance. We have found large differences in gene frequencies of Dia-2, 6-Pgd, Ada, Es- 1, Es-2 and Es-3 loci in French populations. The genetic variabiliy estimated using the average degree of heterozygosity was lower in French than in Spanish populations. The results obtained from genetic distance analysis showed differences between French and Spanish populations. France 3 was the most divergent population. The genetic distance values obtained revealed that French populations are as different amongst themselves as they are between Spanish populations (the value obtained was corresponding to subspecie, NEI, 1987). These differences could have originated from the high selectiva pressure applied to parental lines. In the Spanish group, Spanish Giant was the most divergent population.

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1. Status and origin of Egyptian local rabbits in comparison with Spanish common rabbits using mitochondrial DNA sequence analysis
Ahmed Mostafa Emam, Sandra Afonso, Pedro González-Redondo, G.M.K. Mehaisen, A.A.A. Azoz, N.A. Ahmed, N. Fernand
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