Effect of ivermectin against ear mange mite (Psoroptes cuniculi) in naturally infested rabbits

 N.P. Kurade, T.K. Bhat, T.K. Bhat, K.P. Jithendran, K.P. Jithendran


Thirtv one New Zealand White rabbits, naturally infested with ear mange, were divided into mild, moderate, severely infested and infested-control groups, basad on their mean lesion score. Three animals were maintained as clean-control group. Ivermectin was given subcutaneously to infested rabbits of the 3 first groups, four times at weekly interval, at a dose level of 200µg/kg body weight. The rabbits with mild infestation showed complete recovery with two injections. One rabbit each from moderately and severely infested groups, showed persistence of mild infestation in the form of presence of parasitic eggs till 40th day post treatment. The untreated infested-control animals showed persistence of infestation and clean-control animals remained normal throughout the period of study. lt was concluded that ivermectin can be used safely, as repeated subcutaneous injections at weekly interval at a dose of 200µg/kg 'body weight, for affective control of ear manga in rabbits. The importance of repeated injections of ivennectin to control ear mange in severely infested rabbits has been discussed.

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1. Comparative effectiveness of complex treatment schemes for rabbits with pasalurosis and psoroptosis
D. Feshchenko, O. ZGHOZINSKA, O. Dubova, T. Bakhur, V. Goncharenko, Yu. Stoliarova
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