Using some antibiotics and probiotics for alleviating heat stress on growing and doe rabbits in Egypt

A.M. Abdel-Samee


The influence was studied of different heat loads connected with the application of sorne antibiotics and probiotics on growth and reproductiva traits of 105 growing and 70 doe New Zealand White rabbits. The augmentation in environmental temperaturas increased the respiration rate and rectal temperatura significantly, while it significantly decreased daily body gain (24 %) and daily concentrate intake (18 %) in growing rabbits. Similarly, in does, litter size at birth and at weaning, viability percentage, young individual weight at birth and at weaning and gain from birth to weaning decreased significantly by 17, 31, 16, 27, 19 and 18% respectively. During summer, application of antibiotics: Avoparcin (AV), Flavomycin (FL) or Zinc bacitracin (ZB), or probiotics: e1ther Bospro (BS) or Lacto-Sacc (LS), had positiva effect on the physiological status of the arnmals and improved significantly most of the growth and reproductiva traits studiea. This improvements mclude thermoregulation (as observad by respiratory rate decreasing) and daíly body gain of fattening rabbits, conception rate (67 vs 57 %), litter size at weaning, young individual weight at birth and at weaning and body gam from birth to weaning of does. However, these improvements does not reach the levels observad in spring.

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