Long term effect of PMSG on rabbit does reproductive performance

 C. Boiti, C. Castellini, C. Canali, D. Zampini, M. Monaci


This study was carried out to verify the long term effect of Pregnant Mare Serum Gonadotrophin (PMSG) treatments (20 IU three days before the induction of ovulation with GnRH) on the fertility and ovarian response of does artificially inseminated for at least 7 cycles. Twenty-five nulliparous does were submitted to recurring treatments at fixed intervals of 45 days. A total of 175 artificial inseminations were performed. The results confirmed previous observations about the progressive loss of efficacy of the PMSG in inducing pregnancy (from 80.9 to 60.9 %), above ali in does classified as hyper-immune (84 % of animals). The lactation stage negatively influenced the reproductive performance especially in does at the first two treatments (fertilitv rate 53.9 vs 79.2 %; litter size 7.5 vs 8.8; P:o;0.05). These hormonal treatments altered the follicular growth causing a significantly higher number of haemmoragic follicles (1.7 vs 4.9) and also affected the quality of collected embryos (O degenerated embryos vs 4.9).

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