Magnitude and direction of genetic-environmental interaction in rabbits with special reference to live and slaughter performance and carcass cut-out

M.S. Ayyat, M.R. Anous


The data were collected on sixty New Zealand White (NZW) and sixty Californian (CAL) weaned male rabbits used to investigate the magnitude and direction of genetic environmental mteraction. Ralf the rabbits in each group was fed ad libitum on commercial pelleted ration containing Zinc bacitracin (ZIN) and the other half on ration containing Flavomycin (FLA). For all rabbits, daily gain, daily feed intal<e and feed conversion rate were calculated for entire interval from weaning (O) to final weight (8 weeks) and sub-intervals (0-4 and 4-8 weeks). Half tlie rabbits in each breed-promoter type group (n = 15) were slaughtered after 8 weeks from weaning and evaluated for slaughter and carcass cut-out traits.

Significant interactions of bread with promoter type were delected fo carcass percentage and for the proportIon of the carcass weight occurring in the fore and hind limbs (P<0.05). The knowledge of such interaction may lead to recommend the specific use of FLA for NZW rabbits and the specific use of ZIN for CAL. Besides, the absence of interaction of bread with promoter type in terms of live performance and yield of non-limb carcass components lead to conclude that while the tastar gainer and more efficient feed converter bread (NZW) under one promoter type treatment was also the best under the other promoter type. NZW tended (P<0.01) under both types of promoters to have more proportion of the carcass weight occurring in the head and less proportion in the trunk.

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