Study of the metabolic profile of rabbits in relation to two different environmental temperatures

 G.M. Chiericato, Licia Ravorotto, Chiara Rizzi


The trial was conducted on 75 male rabbits (50 days old) of a commercial cross bred type in order to study the effects of temperature on the metabolic profile of rabbits. The animals were housed in two different rooms at 12 C (LT) and 30 C (HT). Relative humidity was about 65% and the natural photoperiod was characterized by 16L:8D. At the end of the experiment (106 days of age) a blood simple was taken from each rabbit after 2 hours’ fasting. The LT animals showed higher (P< 0.01) daily weight gain (36.7 vs 25.7g), feed intake (173 vs 110g) and feed conversión ratio (4.73 vs 4.37 g/g). LT rabbits had higher plasma levels of haematocrit (0.40 vs 0.38 l/l, P< 0.05), glucose (7.7 vs 6.8 mmol/l, P< 0.01), total proteins (65.1 vs 58.6g/l, P< 0.01), albumin (48.2 vs 42.9g/l, P< 0.01), urea nitrogen (6.71 vs 5.44 mmol/l, P< 0.01) Ca (3.69 vs 3.51 mmol/l, P< 0.01), inorganic P (2.21 vs 1.90 mmol/l, P< 0.01) and Mg Mg (1.00 vs 0.90 mmol/I, P<0.01). HT animals had higher plasma concentrations of colesterol (2.56 vs 1.53 mmol/l, P<0.01), creatinine (143 vs 106mmol/l, P<0.01) AST (26 vs 18 U/l, P<0.05), P<0.05). ALT (36 vs 29 a U/l, P<0.05) and CI (108 vs 106 mmol/l, P<0.05). In conclusión, our results indicate that environmental temperatura has a significant effect on the biochemical profile of rabbits.

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1. Effect of hair shearing on live performance and carcass traits of growing rabbits under hot ambient temperature
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