Influence of age, stimulation by PMSG or flushing on the ovarian response to LHRHa in young rabbit females.


  • L.F. Gosalvez Departamento de Producción Animal. E.T.S.A.
  • J.M.R. Alvariño Departamento de Producción Animal. E.T.S.I.A. Ciudad Universitaria
  • P. Díaz Departamento de Producción Animal. E.T.S.A.
  • M. Tor Departamento de Producción Animal. E.T.S.A.



Fifty young Californian rabbit females have been used to study the effect of age (14 or 17 weeks) and ovarian stimulation (nutritional flushing or PMSG) on the ovarian response to LHRHa injection. Stimulation by nutritional flushing showed, in the 14 and 17 week-old animals, a positive effect on live weight after 8 days, ovulation rate was satisfactory in females aged 17 weeks but not in the 14 week-old group, nevertheless 14 weeks old does showed an increase in the number of follicles larger than 0.6 mm (P<0.05). Stimulation by PMSG (100 IU) provoked a six folds increase in the number of follicles larger than 0.6 mm (90.6 vs 15.1; P<0.001), but failed to in crease the proportion of ovulating females, thus suggesting that a too high dose had been used. These results indicate that introduction of rabbit females to reproduction can be advanced to 17 week-old, provided that previous ovarían stimulation by nutritional flushing is done.


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