Descriptive model for rabbit genetic resources data bank

M.H. Khalil


A proposed model of descriptors for rabbit genetic resources data bank entry is presented. A final recommendation is also presented to safeguard valuable breeds/strains from danger of extinction. For each breed/strain represented in a country, there will be one master record (for physical characteristics) and several slave records (for performance characteristics). The latter record will depend on the number of publications available. The condensed documentation format reported here corresponds o the FAO data bank methodology (FAO, 1986) used for swine, although suitable modifications were made to reflect the unique biology of rabbits. The descriptive modal for any breed/strain must include data on distribution, physical characteristics (e.g. colour, temperament, body parts ... ) and performance characteristics (e.g. reproductive efficiency, lactational and maternal behaviour, adaptability to environmental conditions, growth rate and survival, feed conversion ratio, carcass characteristics, etc ... ).

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1. A study of growth and some blood parameters in Czech rabbits
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