Nutritional effect of mulberry ("morus alba") leaves as sole ration of adult rabbits.

 S.V. Deshmukh, N.N. Pathak, D.A. Takalikar, S.U. Digraskar


Nutritiva value of mulberry leaves as a sole ration for adult rabbits was determinad by feeding mulberry leaves to 1 O New Zealand White rabbits (1540 ± 62g, 35 weeks old). In DM mulberry leaves had CP 22.13, EE 3.90, CF 5.90, Ash 13.35, NFE 54. 72, NDF 36.35, ADF 31.52, Ca 3.30 and P 1.43 %.

Except EE, all nutrients had fairly good digestible coefficients. The DM intake was 68.52g/day, 5.30g/1 OOg body weight and 59.1 g/kg wo. 75. Average daily intake of digestible crude protein (DCP) (11.2 g) and of digestible energy (175 kcal) was adequate for maintenance of body weights of rabbits. In each 100g DM, mulberry leaves had 16.38 ± 0.45g DCP for rabbits. Calculated DE/kg DM was found to be 2580 kcal. The results suggested that the mulbery leaves can be used as single feed for adult rabbits and may help in economic rabbit production.

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