Short communication: effect of saccharomyces cerevisiae supplementation on some biomarkers of oxidative stress in weaned rabbits during the hot-dry season

B.M. Shehu, B.A. Ayanwale, J.O. Ayo, C. Uchendu


A feeding trial was conducted to evaluate the effect of Saccharomyces cerevisiae (SC) supplementation on some biomarkers of oxidative stress in rabbits during the hot-dry season (temperaturehumidity index: 33.2±0.9oC). Sixty healthy weaned crossbred rabbits, aged between 5-6 wk with live weight of 612.7±60.8 g (mean±standard deviation) were used. The rabbits were divided into 5 treatment groups; SC0 receiving a control diet without supplementation of SC, and SC2, SC4, SC6 and SC8 receiving the control diet supplemented with SC at the rate of 2, 4, 6 and 8×109 colony forming units/kg, respectively. The activity of total superoxide dismutase and malonaldehyde in serum were not significantly affected, but serum catalase concentration rose (P<0.05) as the SC inclusion level increased. Although further studies are required, baker’s yeast containing SC could help ameliorate the adverse effects of heat stress in rabbits.



Saccharomyces cerevisiae; oxidative stress; rabbits; hot-dry season

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