Partial diallel cross for assessing genetic merit of local rabbit breed




rabbit, combining ability, Flemish Giant, Indonesian Local rabbit, Rex


This study was carried out to estimate general combining ability (GCA) and specific combining ability (SCA) of pre-and post-weaning traits from a partial diallel cross in three rabbit breeds: Local rabbit (L), Flemish Giant (F), and Rex (R). Body weight at 0 (BW0), 30 (BW30), 42 (BW42), and 63 (BW63) days of age, average daily gains from 0 to 30 d of age (ADG0-30), from 30 to 42 d of age (ADG30-42), from 42 to 63 d of age (ADG42-63), and from 30 to 63 d of age (ADG30-63), litter size at birth (LS0) and at weaning (LS42), and mortality at weaning (MR42) were studied in crossing LL, FF, RR, LF, LR, and FR. Local breed had the highest GCA for BW0, BW30, BW42, and average daily gain before weaning (ADG0-30, and ADG30-42) compared to Flemish Giant and Rex, while GCA of Local breed for average daily gain after weaning (ADG42-63), litter size (LS0, and LS42), and mortality (MR42) was higher than for Rex and similar to that of Flemish Giant. Crossing LF and LR showed higher SCA for BW30, BW42, BW63, ADG0-30, ADG42-63 and ADG30-63 than FR. In conclusion, based on GCA and SCA, the Indonesian Local breed has a high genetic potential in the crossing with Flemish Giant and Rex breeds.


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Author Biographies

Asep Setiaji, Universitas Diponegoro

Department of Animal Science, Faculty of Animal and Agricultural Sciences

Edy Kurnianto, Universitas Diponegoro

Department of Animal Science, Faculty of Animal and Agricultural Sciences

Sutopo Sutopo, Universitas Diponegoro

Department of Animal Science, Faculty of Animal and Agricultural Sciences


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