The influence of porcine prophenin on neutrophils isolated from rabbit blood during implantation of calcium sulphate graft material into bone tissue

Joanna Wessely-Szponder, Ryszard Bobowiec, Tomasz Szponder


Immune dysfunction induced by surgical trauma may comprise either an inappropriately exaggerated inflammatory response or a profound suppression of cell- mediated immunity. Neutrophils are the leading cells in the first response to trauma. It is known that they mediate initial resistance to bacterial infection. Activated neutrophils can degranulate and release some enzymes such as elastase and myeloperoxidase (MPO). The function of elastase is, among others, to kill bacterial, whereas MPO is a specific enzyme of primary granules of neutrophils and a marker of in vivo neutrophil activation. Previous reports estimated that some cathelicidins could act to increase or diminish an innate immune response in which neutrophils participate. The aim of this study was to evaluate prophenins (PF) isolated from porcine leukocytes in respect to neutrophil activity and survival during implantation of calcium sulphate bone grafts substitution in rabbits. Obtained results pointed out that neutrophils responded to  PF  depending upon concentration. Thirty min from implantation of calcium sulphate graft, we observed the greatest release of elastase (57.01±0.49% of maximal release) in cultures stimulated with 10 mg/ml of PF, at 0 mg/ml was 51.15±0.23%, while after 24 h of incubation the greatest response was at a concentration of 20 mg/ml.  MPO release after 30 min from surgery decreased significantly at 10 mg/ml. In higher concentrations, the inhibition was less pronounced. Moreover, we estimated that PF causes cytotoxicity in the highest concentration as well as the apoptosis of neutrophils.


Neutrophil; antimicrobial peptides; cathelicidin; prophenin

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1. Different activation of monocyte-derived macrophages by antimicrobial peptides at a titanium tibial implantation in rabbits
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