Peer Review Process

Selection and evaluation of manuscripts will be conducted by external peer reviewers, with a double-blind system.

Reviewers will have an active academic profile in the field of research. The stages of the peer review are:

  1. The Editorial Board will verify the paper respect the focus and scope of the journal and if it can be inserted in one of the topics described. Afterwards the Editorial Board will send the article to two anonymous reviewers’ experts in the field of the paper.
  2. The valuation report of the reviewers will affect the technical quality, the technical impact and relevance and the presentation.
  3. The authors will receive an outcome of the evaluation with observations and comments from the reviewers. The outcome of the evaluation will be classified in three options:
    • Accepted for publishing 
    • Accepted for publishing with modifications 
    • Rejected 
    If the manuscript has been accepted with modifications, authors should resubmit a new version of the paper.The time to send the article with modifications is 15 days. The Editorial Board will decide if the modified paper can be accepted. The decision will be communicated to the author.
  4. If the accepted paper is written in Italian or Spanish, the author must send an English version of the paper within 15 days after the acceptance. If the English form is incorrect, the Editorial Team will refuse the article.

The whole process described will be conducted through Open Journal System Platform (OJS) of the Universitat Politècnica de València, in the categories of author or reviewer user.