VITRUVIO - Call for Papers Vol. 9 iss. 1 (2024)


VITRUVIO- International Journal of Architectural Technology and Sustainability. Vol. 9 iss. 1 (2024)

Call for Papers Vol. 9 iss. 1 (2024)


New architecture for cultural sites

The call focuses on places of culture, i.e. places built to boost new ideas, nurture doubts, dreams and today’s utopias that will be tomorrow's reality and strengthen the sense of belonging to a community.  These venues are, for example, theatres for performances of various art forms (music, dance, theatre), cinemas that show films where there is no limitation in the realities imagined or experienced, and museums that preserve and enhance cultural heritage and promote new art forms with exhibitions dedicated to contemporary creativity. These venues can also be entire villages or city districts used for performances or travelling exhibitions and thematic cultural routes on a territorial scale. Ultimately, the list of places of culture is deliberately open because culture takes on different forms in time and space. This diversity is reflected in the originality and plurality of identities, as well as in the cultural expressions of human societies and peoples, influenced by various factors - socio-economic, political, technological - that are constantly changing. However, all places of culture have a high symbolic and representative power and can catalyze changes towards new sustainable ways of designing and building. The call aims to promote design experimentation and technological innovations for cultural places that integrate the aspects of environmental, social, and economic sustainability with both material and intangible cultural aspects. In line with the current trend of circular design on a global scale, there will be selected papers on removable and reusable modular architectures, able to extend the life cycle of individual building elements and making them interchangeable, adaptive, flexible, recyclable, lightweight and environmentally friendly.


  • Design solutions for the reduction of waste and the consumption of raw materials and energy in all phases (from production to recycle and reuse, avoiding disposal) and for the fight against climate change with the neutrality of carbon dioxide emissions.
  • Experimentation with modular architectures and exhibition installations able to be replaced or regenerated on site giving rise to other interventions for different ideas, forms and contents.
  • Development of green materials, obtained preferentially by scraps or waste, that must be recyclable, lightweight, free of toxic substances, easy to transport and assemble and disassemble.
  • Design solutions compatible with the original intended use such as to enhance the history of the place while generating new cultural stimuli and approaches.

Papers must be submitted in English.

Submission is done through the Open Journal System platform, which requires a registration as an author:

The authors are called to use the provided TEMPLATE and follow the instructions that are written in the TEMPLATE.

Deadline for submission of papers: April 8, 2024

 Publication date: June, 2024