VITRUVIO - Call for Papers Vol. 5 num.2 (2020)

VITRUVIO- International Journal of Architectural Technology and Sustainability. 

Call for Papers Vol. 5 num.2 (2020)


On the Built Environment in lockdown. Papers should develop, demonstrate and document strategies, approaches and solutions for the reuse of historical buildings and the re-generation of historic urban landscapes with special attention to


Europe has been one of the most affected continents by the effects of Coronavirus disease 19. This issue pretends to showcase and analyse pieces of research that help the international community comprehend to what extent Architectural Technology has been affected by lockdown. Research should exemplify how ongoing architectural projects or construction processes have been affected by an unprecedented situation, specifically focusing on those buildings assigned to rehabilitation and relating rehabilitation with the reuse of heritage, as a space of quality to be enjoyed for long-time periods.

Proposals are also welcome on the effects of present and future social distancing, the so-called “new normal”, in existing spaces (e.g. open spaces such as parks, squares, and so on) and the importance of their resignification. Specially, we welcome quantitative and qualitative analysis based on data retrieved from the internet, perhaps on new trends of effective spatial and environmental solutions and strategies, or on issues and pathologies of the existing built environment. This type of research can help guarantee better processual requirements in the future of architecture and its sustainability. 

The built environment and some urban infrastructures probably need a redesign, socially and environmentally. It perhaps supposes a full-blown reorganisation in many senses. In the technological field that concerns architecture, this is maybe the paradigm towards a new model of values on the professional skills to seek, and therefore necessarily find, projects, processes and spaces effectively managed towards the new normal.

Consequently, we seek contributions that inform new and tested blueprints for the socially and economically viable regeneration of European historic urban areas and cultural landscapes, with enhanced well-being and quality of life, social cohesion and integration.


Deadline for submission of papers : October 10, 2020

Publication date: December, 2020

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