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Articles in Press are articles that have been accepted for publication in VAR and copyedited, but are not formatted, i.e. final layout pending. Therefore, Articles in Press are not finalised and may still be slightly corrected before final publication. Page numbers of the Article in Press in the issue are not assigned.

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Paul François, Jeffrey Leichman, Florent Laroche, Françoise Rubellin
Manuel Castro-Priego, Lauro Olmo-Enciso, Marcos Octavio Labrada-Ochoa, Juan Andrés Jijón-Porras, Juan Alejandro García-Campoverde
Lukas Werther, Tanja Menn, Johannes Schmidt, Hartmut Müller
Pablo Rodríguez-Navarro, Eliott Wragg, Giorgio Verdiani, Teresa Gil-Piqueras

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