Focus and Scope

Virtual Archaeology Review (VAR) aims the publication of original papers, interdisciplinary reviews and essays on the new discipline of virtual archaeology, which is continuously evolving and currently on its way to achieve scientific consolidation. In fact, Virtual Archaeology deals with the digital representation of historical heritage objects, buildings and landscapes through 3D acquisition, digital recording and interactive and immersive tools for analysis, interpretation, dissemination and communication purposes by means of multidimensional geometric properties and visual computational modelling.

VAR will publish full-length original papers which reflect both current research and practice throughout the world, in order to contribute to the advancement of the new field of virtual archaeology, ranging from new ways of digital recording and documentation, advanced reconstruction and 3D modelling up to cyber-archaeology, virtual exhibitions and serious gaming. Thus acceptable material may emerge from interesting applications as well as from original developments or research.


- OFFER researchers working in the field of virtual archaeology and cultural heritage an appropriate editorial frame to publish state-of-the-art research works, as well as theoretical and methodological contributions.

- GATHER virtual archaeology progresses achieved as a new international scientific discipline.

- ENCOURAGE the publication of the latest, state-of-the-art, significant research and meaningful applications in the field of virtual archaeology.

- ENHANCE international connections in the field of virtual archaeology and cultural heritage.