Metodología y criterios para la reconstrucción virtual del Patrimonio Arquitectónico romano.


  • Lola Vico López Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya



Roman architecture, Virtual restoration, Historical construction, Infography


This paper discusses virtual reconstructions of roman architectures from a constructive and technical point of view, and presents the results of a study about the contribution of architectural construction applied to virtual "restoration", that allowed reconstructive hypothesis realization using computer graphics for virtual reconstruction of the Villa of Livia. One of the key features regarding the methodology developed is the reliance on knowledge about ancient building techniques to underpin reconstruction hypotheses: as when designing a building, the preparation of a virtual model relies on architectural and engineering criteria, such as structural stability, functionality and correct use of building materials. In this regard, the virtual reconstruction of Roman buildings is eased by the existence of strong codes and principles that have ruled design and on which reconstruction hypotheses can be based. The paper introduces how the methodology is perfectly transparent and repeatable, guarantying a sound and objective final product.


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Author Biography

Lola Vico López, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

Departamento de Contrucciones Arquitectónicas I. Facultad de Arquitectura


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Vico López, L. (2011). Metodología y criterios para la reconstrucción virtual del Patrimonio Arquitectónico romano. Virtual Archaeology Review, 2(3), 151–155.