Realidad Virtual para la dinamización de entornos rurales. Un caso práctico: Red Parque Cultural


  • Unai Baeza Santamaría VIRTUALWARE



Virtual reality, Sustainable tourism, Natural heritage, Virtual cave, Virtual camp


In the last few decades, there has been an intense work on the way of promoting and adding value to the cultural, natural and archaeological heritages in rural sites. At this point, there is a new point of view searching new tools closer to the society, which enable to show their wealth, while observing and preserving all its essence. Among these tools, Virtual Reality provides an exceptional instrument in this spirited bet of archaeological and cultural sites managers with excellent exploitation results in some real cases that prove this evidence.


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Author Biography

Unai Baeza Santamaría, VIRTUALWARE

VIRTUALWARE. Departamento Turismo, Patrimonio y Difusión Cultural. Basauri, España


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Baeza Santamaría, U. (2011). Realidad Virtual para la dinamización de entornos rurales. Un caso práctico: Red Parque Cultural. Virtual Archaeology Review, 2(3), 105–108.