La Cueva del Tiempo. Un viaje a nuestros orígenes


  • Cristina Cuesta Marín Fundación Atapuerca
  • Sergio Barrera Mayo VIRTUALWARE
  • Unai Baeza Santamaría VIRTUALWARE



Virtual reality, 3D animation, Human evolution, Anthropology, Communication


The human evolution can be defined as the human being transformation process since our ancestors’ period till current days. It has been a changing process that ended in Homo sapiens, the unique human being that exists in the planet. How have we ended as we are right now? How have we changed? There have been many changes along the time that made us humans. Studying the different archaeological findings and human remains we are able to know and to understand our biological and cultural evolution. The Cave of Time will enable to feel the experience of travelling to the past and living in thousand years ago environments, in order to communicate with our ancestors interactively. This way Atapuerca´s legacy will be transferred to future generations innovatively.


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Author Biographies

Cristina Cuesta Marín, Fundación Atapuerca

Fundación Atapuerca, Didáctica y Proyectos de Difusión, Burgos. España

Sergio Barrera Mayo, VIRTUALWARE

VIRTUALWARE, Departamento de Innovación, Basauri. España

Unai Baeza Santamaría, VIRTUALWARE

VIRTUALWARE, Departamento de Turismo, Patrimonio y Difusión Cultural, Basauri. España


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Cuesta Marín, C., Barrera Mayo, S., & Baeza Santamaría, U. (2011). La Cueva del Tiempo. Un viaje a nuestros orígenes. Virtual Archaeology Review, 2(3), 99–103.