Anastilosis de la Scaenae Frons del Teatro Romano de Itálica

Francisco Pinto Puerto, José María Guerrero Vega, Roque Angulo Fornos


Among the actions planned for the conservation and restoration of the Italica theatre, the Archaeological Ensemble has suggested the possibility of reconstructing its scaenae frons through anastylosis, as many of its constituent elements are well-preserved and have been thoroughly studied and analyzed in the last few years. This
paper will use these studies as a starting point to raise some preliminary considerations related to the necessary reversal, not only as pertains to the execution of the works but also to previously conducted research and the computer graphic model that serves as its vehicle. Subsequently, we will provide additional insight into the adopted criteria and the methodology proposed to develop the model. The above considerations are aimed at determining the conceptual and methodological domains defined for this project, which will begin with research on the scaenae frons and the development of a graphic model and culminate in its eventual execution.


Roman theatre; Scaenae frons; Anaslylosis; Computer graphics; Research; Intervention

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