3DPublish: solución web para crear museos virtuales 3D dinámicos


  • Pablo Aguirrezabal Tecnalia Research & Innovation Centre
  • Sara Sillaurren Tecnalia Research & Innovation Centre




Virtual museum, Virtual reality, Interactive exhibition, Cultural heritage, Web-communication, Multimedia


Today museums around the world offer their content through two basic methods: a simple view of their artworks through a content viewer, or through a custom designed 2D or 3D virtual exhibition in which the pieces and the scene are static. This article describes a 3DPublish tool which represents an alternative to these
two static solutions thereby giving the possibility to dynamically manage a 3D virtual scenario (real or imaginary) and the artwork that composes it. This gives the user a most realistic experience through different exhibitions, using various added value methods like storytelling or virtual tours. 3DPublish will facilitate the museum curator’s daily tasks and will improve the final results for 3D virtual museum exhibitions. This article will also present the case study of the Kubo Gallery in San Sebastian (SPAIN) as an example of 3DPublish use case.


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Author Biography

Sara Sillaurren, Tecnalia Research & Innovation Centre

Media Unit


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