The everyday-life in neanderthal times: a full-immersive Pleistocene reconstruction for the Casal De' Pazzi Museum (Rome)

Augusto Palombini, Antonia Arnoldus Huyzendveld, Marco Di Ioia, Patrizia Gioia, Carlo Persiani, Sofia Pescarin


The Museum of Casal De' Pazzi (Rome) is built since about ten years on a Pleistocene floor consisting in the ancient riverbed of the Aniene river, at about 200.000 bp. Since its opening, it has been characterized by a strong narrative approach, and communication effort. The digital project realized by the Italian CNR (Institut for Technology applied to Cultural Heritage) implies three applications: a flood simulation, to show the water refilling of the ancient riverbed; a movie in computer-graphic, to be shown to the public, explaining neanderthal man and ancient elephant's life, and an edu-game, for children's learning, the Plei-stostation, implemented by touch-screen interaction dynamics.


Virtual museum; Pleistocene; Neanderthal; Simulation

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FUNICIELLO R., GIORDANO G. (2008): “La geologia di Roma - Dal centro storico alla periferia”. Memorie descrittive della Carta Geologica d'Italia n. 80/2008 – Servizio Geologico Nazionale - APAT.

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