Integración de contenidos 3D de la cultura ibérica en Europeana

Ana Martínez Carrillo, Francisco Gómez, Alberto Sánchez Vizcaíno


Over the last few years, Internet has become the main information provider in every field. The initiative for the digital library of European culture, Europeana, sets in this framework of such information technologies. This paper reports on the method used to integrate 3D archeological data in a website currently under construction at the Andalusian Centre for Iberian Archaeology of the University of Jaén. The initiative is funded by project CARARE (Connecting ARchaeology and ARchitecture in Europeana) aiming at increasing the quantity and quality of 2D and 3D digital contents of European archaeology and architecture.


Iberians; 3D models; Contents aggregation; European digital library

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