Digitalización 3D automática con láser escáner, fotogrametría y videogrametría. El caso práctico del Templo de Diana (Mérida).

Pedro Ortiz Coder, Beatriz del Pino Espinosa


Photogrammetry and videogrammetry are presented as non-contact heritage documentation techniques, with an increased application which is being imposed to other documentation methods in order to economy and rapidity. In this paper, we describe the methodological process of digitalization of a complex monument such as the case of the Temple of Diana in Mérida, National Monument since 1932, inserted in the Archaeological Ensemble of Mérida (Spain), and included in the List of World Heritage since 1993, which has remain with an important prominence in the city through its history. For this purpose, we had used some of the techniques before mentioned, becoming a simple process through which we can obtain different results for different kinds of applications and needs.


Heritage documentation; Photogrammetry; Videogrammetry; Temple of Diana

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