In search of a representation of the Gavrinis megalithic tomb (Morbihan, France)

Serge Cassen, Laurent Lescop, Valentin Grimaud, Guirec Querré, Bruno Suner


Gavrinis, on the estuary of the river Vannes (Brittany, France), is known for the extraordinary abundance of engravings preserved on the monolithic wall pillars and capstone. Our objective is to re-qualify these representations using a new frame of reference, based on a new corpus of engraved signs, including their architectural context and position in the volume of the rock. Recording of the topographical, archaeological, petrographic and acoustic data of the cairn and the passage grave provides a representation of both architecture and engraved and painted signs


Neolithic; Megalithic tomb; 3D scanner; Engraved signs

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CASSEN Serge, LESCOP Laurent, GRIMAUD Valentin, QUERRE Guirec, SUNER Bruno (2012): “Une approche multiscalaire du monument néolithique de Gavrinis (Larmor-Baden, Morbihan). Campagne d’acquisition 2011”. In: Journée du « CReAAH » Archéologie, Archéosciences, Histoire. Rennes: Univ. Rennes 1, pp. 13-14.

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