Methodological proposal to generate interactive virtual walkthrough


  • Javier Esclapés Universidad de Alicante
  • Daniel Tejerina Antón ARPA Patrimonio S.L.
  • Marco Aurelio Esquembre ARPA Patrimonio S.L.
  • Joaquín Bolufer i Marqués Museo Arqueológico y Etnográfico Municipal de Xàbia



Virtual walkthrough, Game engine, Digital photogrammetry, Blender


Virtual walkthroughs have become one of the most effective tools for the dissemination of archaeological heritage, particularly in those cases in which the site, by location or by their morphology, can not be visited. In this paper we describe the workflow for producing such tools, focusing on its two main phases: 3D digital documentation and the use of a game engine to create a virtual walkthrough. In this same line, as a case study, we describe the intervention in the archaeological site “Cova del Barranc del Migdia”, located on the southern face of Mount Montgó, within the Montgó Natural Park, in the town of Javea (Alicante, Spain).


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Author Biography

Javier Esclapés, Universidad de Alicante

Departamento de Expresión Gráfica y Cartografía, Universidad de Alicante. España


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How to Cite

Esclapés, J., Tejerina Antón, D., Esquembre, M. A., & Bolufer i Marqués, J. (2013). Methodological proposal to generate interactive virtual walkthrough. Virtual Archaeology Review, 4(9), 212–222.