PotuGame: A video game for learning about university

Antoni Guillem, Francisco Perales, Antoni Jaume i Capó, José María Buades


The aim of the PotuGame proposal to give a step more on strategies already developed in previous Potu Program (Programa d’Orientació i Transició a la Universitat-UIB). For that we add a new multidisciplinary component that enables high school students, teachers and researchers from UIB to share knowledge of the research conducted using a common language or a common world. Therefore it is considered very appropriate to use the technologies related to the creation of virtual worlds, especially those aimed in online video games as a means to allow vehicle for the transmission of knowledge in an interactive and fun way increasing mass participation of all components of the teaching environment at all levels. Several experiments have been developed and that have been implemented in several virtual worlds. The final tool used was the Unreal SDK.


Serious games; Game based learning; Virtual & augmented reality

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