Architectural heritage 3D and semantic information visualization based on open standards


  • Iñaki Prieto Tecnalia
  • José Luis Izkara Tecnalia
  • Aitziber Egusquiza Tecnalia



3D visualization, CityGML, Web3D, Open standards


Georeferenced 3D models represent an increasingly accepted solution for storing and displaying information at urban scale. CityGML, as standard data model for the representation, storage and exchange of 3D city models, represent a very attractive solution which combines 3D geometric and semantic information in a single data model. In this paper we present an approach to visualize semantic and 3D information of historical centers using open standards. Also, three client applications are presented targeting different agents with different needs with the characteristic that all the information is got from an unique extended CityGML data model.


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Author Biographies

Iñaki Prieto, Tecnalia

Unidad de construcción, Tecnalia

José Luis Izkara, Tecnalia

Unidad de construcción, Tecnalia

Aitziber Egusquiza, Tecnalia

Unidad de construcción, Tecnalia


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Prieto, I., Izkara, J. L., & Egusquiza, A. (2013). Architectural heritage 3D and semantic information visualization based on open standards. Virtual Archaeology Review, 4(9), 70–75.