Digital models applied to the intervention of the architectural heritage: Restoration Southeast closing of the door of San Cristobal Cathedral of Seville

Francisco Pinto Puerto, José María Guerrero Vega


Interventions in historical heritage present an opportunity to gain a deeper knowledge of the element in question. The use of an appropriate methodology and the rational application of the technologies now available allow researchers from different disciplines to obtain valuable information that must be recorded and placed at the disposal of society in general. The recent consolidation works carried out on the finial of the spiral staircase of the San Cristóbal Door of Seville Cathedral is a case in point. In addition to creating an elevation of this architectural element, a virtual model was generated, incorporating all the data obtained during the course of the works. The theoretical bases were explored prior to creating the model, highlighting the importance of a profound preliminary analysis as well as the dissemination possibilities. 


Model; Knowledge; Restoration

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