3D modeling for the generation of virtual heritage


  • Francisco Díaz Gómez AIDO. Laboratorio de Metrología Óptica
  • Josué Jiménez Peiró AIDO. Laboratorio de Metrología Óptica
  • Amparo Barreda Benavent AIDO. Laboratorio de Imagen Híper-Espectral
  • Bárbara Asensi Recuenco AIDO. Departamento de Formación
  • Juan Hervás Juan AIDO. Visión Artificial




3D Measuring, Cultural heritage, Laser projection, Pattern projection


The present article is focused on the generation of virtual 3D contents from cultural heritage. Its main structure is divided in two well-defined blocks: the first one focused in the generation of 3D models, analyzing the most used technologies of 3D measuring in the cultural heritage, the most important software applications for the management of the 3D models obtained and the generation of the target contents; and a second block for exposing two case studies showing potential of these technologies, previously shown, for approaching the cultural heritage to both the general public and researchers, due to the development of the information and communication technologies.


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Díaz Gómez, F., Jiménez Peiró, J., Barreda Benavent, A., Asensi Recuenco, B., & Hervás Juan, J. (2015). 3D modeling for the generation of virtual heritage. Virtual Archaeology Review, 6(12), 29–37. https://doi.org/10.4995/var.2015.4150