New Deadline for paper submission: Special Issue: ‘Mobile LiDAR Mapping System for the Documentation and Dissemination of Cultural Heritage Sites: Challenges, Opportunities and Limitations'- October 1, 2020.

The Virtual Archaeology Review (VAR) is launching a Special Issue on ‘Mobile LiDAR Mapping System for the Documentation and Dissemination of Cultural Heritage Sites: Challenges, Opportunities and Limitations’ that will be published in Jan. 2021.

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The research community dealing with documentation, digitization and valorization of Cultural Heritage, is moving the attention on Mobile LiDAR Systems. This emerging technology, enables the collection of a large amount of georeferenced 3D information in a fast and efficient way. The main advantage, given by the integration of sensors in a “all in one” solution, is that they work in both indoor and outdoor environments without the use of targets and control points.

The potential in the Cultural Heritage domains is priceless since, given the complexity and the variety of Cultural Sites, the digitization is nowadays entrusted on measurements acquired from a variety of view points (and tools).

Our goal in this Special Issue is to open a debate about the opportunities and limitations of Mobile Systems, collecting studies, experiences and case studies which can be useful for outlining best practices, or guidelines, specifically drawn for the CH domain. We claim for papers on original and unpublished research and practical application concerning pros and cons, benefits and drawbacks about the exploitation of such innovative and thrilling technology concerning to tangible, cultural and archaeological sites, museums and natural heritage.

In particular, we welcome contributions on topics including, but not limited to:

  • 3D documentation based on mobile/handheld recording systems.

  • Point cloud processing (filtering, segmentation, classification, modelling).

  • Semantic classification of point clouds.

  • Heritage Building Information Modelling(HBIM).

  • Accuracy assessment.

  • Comparison with other techniques.

  • Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality (VR/AR/MR) applications.


Dead line for paper submission: October 1, 2020.

Looking forward to receiving your article.

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