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The Virtual Archaeology Review (VAR) is launching a Special Issue on ‘Computer models and virtual reconstructions of Neolithic scenarios’ that will be published in January 2019.

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The Neolithic is one of the most important periods in human history. It is defined as the moment when humans changed foraging, hunting and gathering as survival strategy for farming, husbandry and the production of resources. New behaviours, new technologies, new cultures and social organisation emerged. The archaeological study of these periods of change is difficult because it is necessary to make emphasis on agency and social dynamics. Computer simulation is therefore the most appropriated way to explain available archaeological data and “see” in the computer what cannot be preserved.

This Special Issue of VAR is dedicated to computer models and virtual reconstructions of Neolithic scenarios. We are looking for papers applying all kind of visualisation technology to the reconstruction of objects, houses and landscapes from any archaeological site in the world where the transition to farming is attested. We are especially interested in how shape analysis can be used to reconstruct and functionally analyse early pottery or stone tools. The possibilities of virtual reconstruction of timber objects can also be explored. Another subject of interest is built space and the architectonics of prehistoric huts and other built structures. Reconstructions of prehistoric landscapes at the time of the origins of agriculture are also welcomed.

In any case, well beyond usual scene visualisations, we would like to make emphasis on agency and social action, and not only on objects and buildings. Reconstructing funerary practices and/or astronomic observations can also be of interest. The usage of video game approaches for explaining history to wider audiences is also an interesting approach that can find its place in this VAR special issue.

Deadline for manuscript submission: 15 July 2018.

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