An approach to the automatic transfer of lexical units from English FrameNet to Spanish by using WordNet




FrameNet, semantic analysis, semantic processing, WordNet, transferring of linguistic information, disambiguation


In the field of Natural Language Processing, linguistic resources are structured and detailed descriptions of a certain language. They are considered as key elements for studying languages and developing applications. However, these repositories are slow and difficult to build, and most of them focuses on English. This work tries to improve the lack of linguistic resources in Spanish by transferring part of the information encoded in the FrameNet project into Spanish. For this purpose, we developed an automatic procedure able to align the different frame predicates with the WordNet synsets that best represent them. Our system reaches an 88% precision and makes it possible to reuse this semantic resource for linguistic studies in Spanish.


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Author Biography

Mario Crespo Miguel, Universidad de Cádiz

Área de Lingüística
Dpto. de Filología


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