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No 43 (2015) Extraction of shorelines with sub-pixel precision from Landsat images (TM, ETM+, OLI) Abstract   PDF
J. Almonacid-Caballer
No 50 (2017) Desarrollo integrado de técnicas de análisis de imágenes y datos LiDAR para la actualización de bases de datos de ocupación del suelo Abstract   PDF
José Luis Gil-Yepes
No 44 (2015) 2.5D images based on reflectance information for the interpretation of architectural heritage Abstract   PDF
J. García-Fernández
No 51 (2018) 3D models from terrestrial photogrammetry in the estimation of forest inventory variables Abstract   PDF
A. de Eugenio, A. Fernández-Landa, S. Merino-de-Miguel
Special issue: Active Remote Sensing in Forest Applications A comparative study of regression methods to predict forest structure and canopy fuel variables from LiDAR full-waveform data Abstract   PDF
P. Crespo-Peremarch, L.A. Ruiz, Ángel Balaguer-Beser
Special issue: Active Remote Sensing in Forest Applications A review of the role of active remote sensing and data fusion for characterizing forest in wildlife habitat models Abstract   PDF
J. C. Vogeler, W. B. Cohen
No 56 (2020): Special issue: Applications of Copernicus Sentinel Satellites A strategy for the verification of CAP declarations using Sentinel-2 images in Navarre Abstract   PDF
M. González-Audícana, S. López, I. Sola, J. Álvarez-Mozos
No 46 (2016) A volumetric approach to spatial population disaggregation using a raster build-up layer, land use/land cover databases (SIOSE) and LIDAR remote sensing data Abstract   PDF
F.J. Goerlich
No 52 (2018) Actual evapotranspiration estimation over flat lands using soil moisture products from SMAP mission Abstract   PDF
E. Walker, G.A. García, V. Venturini
No 51 (2018) AISA Eagle II hyperspectral data for carbonate geological mapping in a vegetated high relief area: a geologically orientated atmospheric correction Abstract   PDF
J. Buzzi, E. Costa, A. Riaza, O. Fernández, D. García-Sellés, J. Corbera
No 44 (2015) Analysis of cross-validation methods for robust retrieval of biophysical parameters Abstract   PDF
Ll. Pérez-Planells, J. Delegido, J.P. Rivera-Caicedo, J. Verrelst
No 42 (2014) Analysis of the topographic effect on the radiometric correction of MERIS images Abstract   PDF
G. Grau, J. Vicent, J. Moreno
No 50 (2017) Applicability of Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 images for the detection and delineation of crisis information in the scope of Copernicus EMS services Abstract   PDF
U. Donezar-Hoyos, A. Larrañaga-Urien, A. Tamés-Noriega, C. Sánchez-Gil, L. Albizua-Huarte, R. Ciriza-Labiano, F. del Barrio-Arellano
No 58 (2021) Application of a simplified methodology to estimate reservoir capacity curves Abstract   PDF
Santiago A. Ochoa-García
No 41 (2014) Application of airborne LiDA R data in viewshed analysis Abstract   PDF
I. Pellicer, J. Estornell, J. Martí
No 43 (2015) Application of the Mean-shift Segmentation Parameters Estimator (MSPE) to VHSR satellite images: Tetuan-Morocco Abstract   PDF
O. Benarchid, N. Raissouni, J.A. Sobrino, A. El Ayyan
No 56 (2020): Special issue: Applications of Copernicus Sentinel Satellites Applying Multi-Index approach from Sentinel-2 Imagery to Extract Urban Area in dry season (Semi-Arid Land in North East Algeria) Abstract   PDF
K. Rouibah, M. Belabbas
No 49 (2017): Special issue: Avances en el análisis de la severidad y la dinámica ambiental post-fuego mediante teledetección Assessing fire severity in semi-arid environments: application in Donceles 2012 wildfire (SE Spain) Abstract   PDF
E. Gómez-Sánchez, J. de las Heras, M. Lucas-Borja, D. Moya
No 52 (2018) Assessing the use of discrete, full-waveform LiDAR and TLS to classify Mediterranean forest species composition Abstract   PDF
J. Torralba, P. Crespo-Peremarch, L.A. Ruiz
No 44 (2015) ASTER L1B satellite data applied to geothermal in Cuba Abstract   PDF
V. González-Acosta, J. L. Torres-Zafra, E. M. González-Rodríguez
No 49 (2017): Special issue: Avances en el análisis de la severidad y la dinámica ambiental post-fuego mediante teledetección Burn severity and regeneration in large forest fires: an analysis from Landsat time series Abstract   PDF
S. Martínez, E. Chuvieco, I. Aguado, J. Salas
No 51 (2018) Burned area detection based on time-series analysis in a cloud computing environment Abstract   PDF
J.A. Anaya, W.F. Sione, A.M. Rodriguez-Montellano
No 55 (2020) Capability assessment of the SEVIRI/MSG GPP product for the detection of areas affected by water stress Abstract   PDF
B. Martínez, Sergio Sánchez-Ruiz, M. Campos-Taberner, F.J. García-Haro, M.A. Gilabert
No 48 (2017) Carbon use efficiency variability from MODIS data Abstract   PDF
M. Cañizares, A. Moreno, Sergio Sánchez-Ruiz, M.A. Gilabert
No 44 (2015) Cartography of flood hazard by overflowing rivers using hydraulic modeling and geographic information system: Oued El Harrach case (North of Algeria) Abstract   PDF_(en)
S. W. Astite, A. Medjerab, N.-E. Belabid, N. El Mahmouhi, M. El Wartiti, S. Kemmou
No 43 (2015) Change detection in land use from unsupervised classifications for updating SIOSE. Implementation in Galicia Abstract   PDF
D. Vila-García, M.L. Gil-Docampo, M.J. Iniesto-Alba
No 51 (2018) Change detection in vegetation cover through interpretation of Landsat images by artificial neural networks (ANN). Case study: Ecuadorian Amazon Region Abstract   PDF
L.V. Jaramillo, A.F. Antunes
No 55 (2020) Characterization of clay minerals and Fe oxides through diffuse reflectance spectroscopy (VNIR-SWIR) Abstract   PDF
A. Báscones, M. Suárez, M. Ferrer-Julià, E. García-Meléndez, E. Colmenero-Hidalgo, A. Quirós
Special issue: Active Remote Sensing in Forest Applications Characterization of wildland-urban interfaces using LiDAR data to estimate the risk of wildfire damage Abstract   PDF
A. Robles, M.A. Rodríguez-Garrido, M. F. Alvarez-Taboada
No 46 (2016) Cityscape, poverty and crime: A quantitative assessment using VHR imagery Abstract   PDF
Jorge Eduardo Patiño Quinchía
Special issue: Active Remote Sensing in Forest Applications Classification of forest development stages from national low-density lidar datasets: a comparison of machine learning methods Abstract   PDF
R. Valbuena, M. Maltamo, P. Packalen
No 53 (2019) Classification of Landsat 8 images in the Segura Hydrographic Demarcation Abstract   PDF
M.I. Rodríguez-Valero, F. Alonso-Sarria
No 51 (2018) Combination of satellite imagery with meteorological data for estimating reference evapotranspiration Abstract   PDF
D. Montero, F. Echeverry, F. Hernández
Special issue: Active Remote Sensing in Forest Applications Combined use of LIDAR and hyperspectral measurements for remote sensing of fluorescence and vertical profile of canopies Abstract   PDF
A. Ounis, J. Bach, A. Mahjoub, F. Daumard, I. Moya, Y. Goulas
No 57 (2020) Comparison of OMI-DOAS total ozone column with ground-based measurements in Argentina Abstract   PDF_EN
P. F. Orte, E. Luccini, E. Wolfram, F. Nollas, J. Pallotta, R. D'Elia, G. Carbajal, N. Mbatha, N. Hlongwane
No 50 (2017) Comparison of SST L3 products generated from the AVHRR and MODIS sensors in front of the San Jorge Gulf, Argentina Abstract   PDF
L. Allega, E. Cozzolino, J.P. Pisoni, M.C. Piccolo
No 41 (2014) Consejo de Redacción, Editorial, Información autores Details   PDF
Revista RAET
No 42 (2014) Consejo de redacción, editorial, información autores Details   PDF
Revista RAET
No 44 (2015) Consejo de redacción, editorial, información autores Abstract   PDF
Revista de Teledetección RAET
No 46 (2016) Consejo de redacción, editorial, información autores Abstract   PDF
Luis A. Ruiz
No 46 (2016) Contributions to the knowledge of the multitemporal spatial patterns of the Iberian Peninsula droughts from a Geographic Information Science perspective Abstract   PDF
Cristina Domingo-Marimon
No 49 (2017): Special issue: Avances en el análisis de la severidad y la dinámica ambiental post-fuego mediante teledetección Control plot selection for studies of post-fire dynamics: performance of non-parametric and autoregressive routines Abstract   PDF
M.A. Landi, S. Ojeda, C.M. Di Bella, P. Salvatierra, J.P. Argañaraz, L.M. Bellis
No 56 (2020): Special issue: Applications of Copernicus Sentinel Satellites Copernicus: the European Earth Observation programme Abstract   PDF
S. Jutz, M.P. Milagro-Pérez
No 49 (2017): Special issue: Avances en el análisis de la severidad y la dinámica ambiental post-fuego mediante teledetección Critical analysis of severity indices and affected surface by the wildland fire on Sierra de Luna (Zaragoza) Abstract   PDF
R. Guillem-Cogollos, D. Vinué-Visús, V. Caselles-Miralles, H. Espinós-Morató
No 57 (2020) Damage Assessment and Recovery Mapping for the "Las Peñuelas" Wildfire, Moguer (Huelva). Satellite Imagery. Year 2017 Abstract   PDF_ES
J.J. Vales, I. Pino, L. Granado, R. Prieto Molina, E. Méndez, M. Rodríguez, F. Giménez de Azcárate, E. Ortega, J.M. Moreira
No 56 (2020): Special issue: Applications of Copernicus Sentinel Satellites Deep learning for agricultural land use classification from Sentinel-2 Abstract   PDF
M. Campos-Taberner, F.J. García-Haro, B. Martínez, M.A. Gilabert
No 43 (2015) Description and extraction of urban fragmentation indices: The Indifrag tool Abstract   PDF
M. Sapena, L.A. Ruiz
No 44 (2015) Determination of agricultural land use: incidence of atmospheric corrections and the implementation in multi-sensor and multi-temporal images Abstract   PDF_(en)
E. Willington, J. P. Clemente, M. Bocco
Special issue: Active Remote Sensing in Forest Applications Determination of forest biomass using remote sensing techniques with radar images. Pilot study in area of the province of Huelva. REDIAM Abstract   PDF
E. Méndez, J.J. Vales, I. Pino, L. Granado, G. Montoya, R. Prieto Molina, I.R. Carpintero, F. Giménez de Azcárate, F. Cáceres, J.M. Moreira, D. de la Fuente, A. Sebastián, J. Suárez
No 58 (2021) Determination of land surface temperature using Landsat 8 images: Comparative study of algorithms on the city of Granada Abstract   PDF
David Hidalgo-García
No 52 (2018) Determination of water quality Vichuquén Lake, using satellite images Landsat 8, sensor OLI, year 2016, Chile Abstract   PDF
I. Briceño-de-Urbaneja, W. Pérez, D. San Miguel, S. Ramos
No 47 (2016) Development of advanced products for the SEOSAT/Ingenio mission Abstract   PDF
N. Sabater, A. Ruiz-Verdú, J. Delegido, R. Fernández-Beltrán, P. Latorre-Carmona, F. Pla, M. González-Audícana, J. Álvarez-Mozos, I. Sola, G. Villa, J.A. Tejeiro, E. de Miguel, M. Jimenez, S. Molina, J. Moreno
No 50 (2017) Development of an Earth observation processing chain for crop biophysical parameters at local and global scale Abstract   PDF
M. Campos-Taberner
No 55 (2020) Drought monitoring in El Salvador through remotely sensed variables using the Google Earth Engine platform Abstract   PDF
O. Córdova, V. Venturini, E. Walker
No 43 (2015) Editorial board, editorial, authors information Abstract   PDF
Revista RAET
No 41 (2014) Empirical model for chlorophyll-a determination in inland waters from the forthcoming Sentinel-2 and 3. Validation from HICO images Abstract   PDF
J. Delegido, C. Tenjo, A. Ruiz-Verdú, R. Peña, J. Moreno
No 55 (2020) Estimation of essential vegetation variables in a dehesa ecosystem using reflectance factors simulated at different phenological stages Abstract   PDF
M.P. Martín, J. Pacheco-Labrador, R. González-Cascón, G. Moreno, M. Migliavacca, M. García, M. Yebra, D. Riaño-Arribas
No 48 (2017) Estimation of grassland biophysical parameters in a “dehesa” ecosystem from field spectroscopy and airborne hyperspectral imagery Abstract   PDF
J.R. Melendo-Vega, M.P. Martín, L. Vilar del Hoyo, J. Pacheco-Labrador, P. Echavarría, J. Martínez-Vega
No 48 (2017) Estimation of real evapotranspiration (ETR) and potential evapotranspiration (ETP) in the southwest of the Buenos Aires Province (Argentina) using MODIS images Abstract   PDF
F. Marini, M. Santamaría, P. Oricchio, C.M. Di Bella, A. Basualdo
No 58 (2021) Estimation of rice crop evapotranspiration in Perú based on the METRIC algorithm and UAV images Abstract   PDF
Javier A. Quille-Mamani, Lia Ramos-Fernández, Ronald E. Ontiveros-Capurata
No 48 (2017) Estimation of structural attributes of walnut trees based on terrestrial laser scanning Abstract   PDF
J. Estornell, A. Velázquez-Martí, A. Fernández-Sarría, I. López-Cortés, J. Martí-Gavilá, D. Salazar
No 53 (2019) Estimation of the vertical distribution of the fine canopy fuel in Pinus sylvestris stands using low density LiDAR data Abstract   PDF
L.A. Fidalgo-González, S. Arellano-Pérez, J.G. Álvarez-González, F. Castedo-Dorado, A.D. Ruiz-González, E. González-Ferreiro
No 52 (2018) Estimation of vegetation biophysical parameters in grasslands and crops in Chile through hemispheric digital photography by a GoPro camera Abstract   PDF
D. Uribe, C. Mattar, F. Camacho
No 53 (2019) Evaluating the performance of spectral indexes for identify high Andean wetlands Abstract   PDF
J. Aponte-Saravia, J.E. Ospina-Noreña
No 58 (2021) Evaluation of classification algorithms in the Google Earth Engine platform for the identification and change detection of rural and periurban buildings from very high-resolution images Abstract   PDF
Alejandro Coca-Castro, Maycol A. Zaraza-Aguilera, Yilsey T. Benavides-Miranda, Yeimy M. Montilla-Montilla, Heidy B. Posada-Fandiño, Angie L. Avendaño-Gomez, Hernando A. Hernández-Hamon, Sonia C. Garzón-Martinez, Carlos A. Franco-Prieto
No 57 (2020) Evaluation of four classification algorithms of Landsat-8 and Sentinel-2 satellite images to identify forest cover in highly fragmented regions in Costa Rica Abstract   PDF_ES
I.D. Ávila-Pérez, E. Ortiz-Malavassi, C. Soto-Montoya, Y. Vargas-Solano, H. Aguilar-Arias, C. Miller-Granados
No 58 (2021) Evaluation of segmentation parameters in OBIA for classification of land covers from UAV images Abstract   PDF
Susana I. Hinojosa-Espinoza, José L. Gallardo-Salazar, Félix J. C. Hinojosa-Espinoza, Anulfo Meléndez-Soto
No 42 (2014) Evaluation of the different spectral indices to map biocrust using spectral information Abstract   PDF
M. Alonso, E. Rodríguez-Caballero, S. Chamizo, P. Escribano, Y. Cantón
No 52 (2018) Evaluation of the health status of Araucaria araucana trees using hyperspectral images Abstract   PDF
N. Medina, P. Vidal, R. Cifuentes, J. Torralba, F. Keusch
No 55 (2020) Evaluation of the stability of rocky slopes using 3D point clouds obtained from an unmanned aerial vehicle Abstract   PDF
R. Tomás, A. Riquelme, M. Cano, J.L. Pastor, J.I. Pagán, J.L. Asensio, M. Ruffo
No 51 (2018) Evaluation of two models using CERES data for reference evapotranspiration estimation Abstract   PDF
F. Carmona, M. Holzman, R. Rivas, M.F. Degano, E. Kruse, M. Bayala
No 54 (2019) Evaporation process study through in situ and remote sensing data at Tres Quebradas Salt flat Abstract   PDF
F. Carmona, R. Rivas, A.M.G. Faramiñán, C. Mancino, M. Bayala, W. Perez
No 50 (2017) Evolution of evapotranspiration and water stress of oak savanna vegetation in the Iberian Peninsula (2001-2015) Abstract   PDF
M.P. González-Dugo, X. Chen, A. Andreu, E. Carpintero, P. Gómez-Giráldez, Z. Su
No 46 (2016) Evolution of spectral behavior and chemical composition in the tree canopy of a dehesa ecosystem Abstract   PDF
R. González-Cascón, J. Pacheco-Labrador, M.P. Martín
No 46 (2016) Extreme thermal episodes analyzed with MODIS products during the boreal winter (2000-2016) Abstract   PDF
J. Gomis-Cebolla, J.C. Jiménez-Muñoz, J.A. Sobrino
No 42 (2014) fAPAR estimates over the Iberian Peninsula by the inversion of the 4SAIL 2 radiative transfer model Abstract   PDF
B. Martínez, E. Albargues, F. Camacho, A. Moreno, M.A. Gilabert
No 51 (2018) Fire severity estimation in southern of the Buenos Aires province, Argentina, using Sentinel-2 and its comparison with Landsat-8 Abstract   PDF
J. Delegido, A. Pezzola, A. Casella, C. Winschel, P. Urrego, J.C. Jiménez-Muñoz, J.A. Sobrino, G. Soria, J. Moreno
No 41 (2014) FLEX (Fluorescence Explorer) mission: Observation fluorescence as a new remote sensing technique to study the global terrestrial vegetation state Abstract   PDF
J. Moreno, L. Alonso, J. Delegido, J.P. Rivera, A. Ruiz-Verdú, N. Sabater, C. Tenjo, J. Verrelst, J. Vicent
No 49 (2017): Special issue: Avances en el análisis de la severidad y la dinámica ambiental post-fuego mediante teledetección Forest fire severity estimation based on the LiDAR-PNOA data and the values of the Composite Burn Index Abstract   PDF
A.L. Montealegre, M.T. Lamelas, M.A. Tanase, J. de la Riva
No 54 (2019) Generation of change data of land cover in the Bogotá savannah using time series with Landsat images and MODIS-Landsat synthetic images between 2007 and 2013 Abstract   PDF
M.A. Zaraza-Aguilera, L.M. Manrique-Chacón
No 42 (2014) Herbaceous biomass estimation using hyperspectral data, PLS regression and continuum removal transformation Abstract   PDF
M. Marabel-García, F. Álvarez-Taboada
No 47 (2016) Hyperspectral VNIR and photogrammetric data fusion approach for urban luminance map generation Abstract   PDF
L. Pipia, R. Alamús, A. Tardà, F. Pérez-Aragüés, V. Palà, J. Corbera, J. Arnaldich
No 54 (2019) Identification of disturbances in the Colombian tropical rainforest from Landsat satellite image time series using the Landtrendr algorithm Abstract   PDF
L. Hurtado, I. Lizarazo
No 46 (2016) Implementation and evaluation of the Landsat Ecosystem Disturbance Adaptive Processing Systems (LEDAPS) model: a case study in the Colombian Andes Abstract   PDF
G.M. Valencia, J.A. Anaya, F.J. Caro-Lopera
No 43 (2015) Implications of quality filtering of Enhanced Vegetation Index (EVI) for ecosystem functioning monitoring Abstract   PDF
A. Reyes-Díez, D. Alcaraz-Segura, J. Cabello-Piñar
No 46 (2016) Influence of observation angle in leaf area index (LAI) estimation using PROBA/CHRIS images Abstract   PDF
J. Delegido, C.M. Meza, N. Pasqualotto, J. Moreno
No 58 (2021) Integration of remote sensing images in the development of environmental indicators in Mediterranean basins. Application for monitoring water status and productivity Abstract   PDF
Pedro J. Gómez-Giráldez
No 47 (2016) LAI, FAPAR and FCOVER ground-truth map creation from FASat-C satellite imagery and in-situ measurements in Chimbarongo, Chile, for satellite products validation Abstract   PDF
C. Latorre-Sánchez, F. Camacho, C. Mattar, A. Santamaría-Artigas, N. Leiva-Büchi, R. Lacaze
No 47 (2016) Land surface phenology from SPOT VEGETATION time series Abstract   PDF
A. Verger, I. Filella, F. Baret, J. Peñuelas
No 56 (2020): Special issue: Applications of Copernicus Sentinel Satellites Land use and land cover classification and change analysis in the area surrounding the Manglares Churute Ecological Reserve (Ecuador) using Sentinel-1 time series Abstract   PDF
D.A. Vélez-Alvarado, J. Álvarez-Mozos
No 48 (2017) Land use classification from Sentinel-2 imagery Abstract   PDF
J. Borràs, J. Delegido, A. Pezzola, M. Pereira-Sandoval, G. Morassi, G. Camps-Valls
No 46 (2016) Lithologic identification and characterization using ETM+ (Landsat 7). Study case of the Upsala glacier basin, Argentine Abstract   PDF
A. Lo Vecchio, M.G. Lenzano, S. Richiano, L.E. Lenzano
No 41 (2014) Local validation of MODIS sensor sea surface temperature on western Mediterranean shallow waters Abstract   PDF
E. Durá, G. Mendiguren, M.P. Martín, M.J. Acevedo-Dudley, M. Bosch-Bolmar, V.L. Fuentes, C. Bordehore
No 53 (2019) Mangrove forest mapping through remote sensing imagery: study case for Buenaventura, Colombia Abstract   PDF
M.A. Perea-Ardila, F. Oviedo-Barrero, J. Leal-Villamil
No 41 (2014) Mapping marine and fluvial salt crusts in estuaries collecting acid water using hyperspectral Hyperion imagery (Marshes of the river Odiel, Huelva) Abstract   PDF
A. Riaza, E. García-Meléndez, V. Carrère, A. Mueller
No 41 (2014) Mapping of crop calendar events by object-based analysis of MODIS and ASTER images Abstract   PDF
A.I. De Castro, R.E. Plant, J. Six, J.M. Peña
No 43 (2015) Mapping of fuels and fire potentials in the African Continent using FCCS Abstract   PDF
M.L. Pettinari, E. Chuvieco
No 58 (2021) Mapping Sandy Areas and their changes using remote sensing. A Case Study at North-East Al-Muthanna Province, South of Iraq Abstract   PDF
Awad A. Sahar, Muaid J. Rasheed, Dhia A. A.-H. Uaid, Ammar A. Jasim
No 50 (2017) Mapping the recovery of the burnt vegetation by classifying pre- and post-fire spectral indices Abstract   PDF
M.A. Peña, J. Ulloa
No 42 (2014) Methodology for the detection of land cover changes in time series of daily satellite images. Application to burned area detection Abstract   PDF
J.A. Moreno-Ruiz, M. Arbelo, J.R. García-Lázaro, D. Riaño-Arribas
No 53 (2019) Methods for tree cover extraction from high resolution orthophotos and airborne LiDAR scanning in Spanish dehesas Abstract   PDF
I. Borlaf-Mena, M.A. Tanase, A. Gómez-Sal
Special issue: Active Remote Sensing in Forest Applications Modelling canopy fuel and forest stand variables and characterizing the influence of thinning in the stand structure using airborne LiDAR Abstract   PDF
A. Hevia, J.G. Álvarez-González, E. Ruiz-Fernández, C. Prendes, A.D. Ruiz-González, J. Majada, E. González-Ferreiro
No 57 (2020) Monitoring of atmospheric methane and nitrous oxide concentrations from Metop/IASI Abstract   PDF_ES
O. García, M. Schneider, B. Ertl, E. Sepúlveda, C. Borger, C. Diekmann, F. Hase, F. Khosrawi, A. Cansado, M. Aullé
No 43 (2015) Monitoring the latent and sensible heat fluxes in vineyard by applying the energy balance model METRIC Abstract   PDF
J. González-Piqueras, J. Villodre, I. Campos, A. Calera, C. Balbontín
No 56 (2020): Special issue: Applications of Copernicus Sentinel Satellites Monitoring the whiting phenomenon in Lake La Cruz (Cuenca, Spain) Abstract   PDF
M. Ruiz, S. Morales, J.M. Soria
No 58 (2021) Monitoring water storage changes in Middle and Low Paraná river basin using GRACE, GRACE FO, TRMM and GLDAS data Abstract   PDF
Cecilia Cornero, Ayelen Pereira, Ana C. O. C. Matos, M. Cristina Pacino, Denizar Blitzkow
No 56 (2020): Special issue: Applications of Copernicus Sentinel Satellites Monthly Deforestation Monitoring with Sentinel-1 Multi-temporal Signatures and InSAR Coherences Abstract   PDF
A. Pulella, F. Sica, P. Rizzoli
No 46 (2016) Multi-sensor analysis to study turbidity patterns in the Guadalquivir estuary Abstract   PDF
I. Caballero, G. Navarro
No 41 (2014) Multitemporal evaluation of topographic correction methods using multispectral synthetic images Abstract   PDF
I. Sola, M. González-Audícana, J. Álvarez-Mozos, J.L. Torres
No 56 (2020): Special issue: Applications of Copernicus Sentinel Satellites Multitemporal water quality study in Sitjar (Castelló, Spain) reservoir using Sentinel-2 images Abstract   PDF
C. Radin, X. Sòria-Perpinyà, J. Delegido
No 56 (2020): Special issue: Applications of Copernicus Sentinel Satellites Obtaining agricultural land cover in Sentinel-2 satellite images with drone image injection using Random Forest in Google Earth Engine Abstract   PDF
M. Ramírez, L. Martínez, M. Montilla, O. Sarmiento, J. Lasso, S. Díaz
No 41 (2014) Off-Shore wind potential estimation along the coast of Chile by using scatterometer and Reanalysis data Abstract   PDF
C. Mattar, N. Villar-Poblete
No 55 (2020) Phenological characterization of Fagus sylvatica L. in Mediterranean populations of the Spanish Central Range with Landsat OLI/ETM+ and Sentinel-2A/B Abstract   PDF
C. Gómez, P. Alejandro, F. Montes
No 56 (2020): Special issue: Applications of Copernicus Sentinel Satellites Photogrammetry and image processing techniques for beach monitoring Abstract   PDF
Elena Sánchez-García, Ángel Balaguer-Beser, Josep Eliseu Pardo-Pascual
No 51 (2018) Potential areas for groundwater exploration in the Puyango Catamayo Hydrographic Demarcation, Ecuador, using a analytic hierarchy process based on GIS and remote sensing Abstract   PDF
V.X. Macas-Espinosa, K.F. López-Escobar
No 54 (2019) Potential distribution model of Leontochir ovallei using remote sensing data Abstract   PDF
S. Payacán, F.D. Alfaro, W. Pérez-Martínez, I. Briceño-de-Urbaneja
No 49 (2017): Special issue: Avances en el análisis de la severidad y la dinámica ambiental post-fuego mediante teledetección Potential of UAV images as ground-truth data for burn severity classification of Landsat imagery: approaches to an useful product for post-fire management Abstract   PDF
M. Pla, A. Duane, L. Brotons
No 57 (2020) Processing and analysis of airborne full-waveform laser scanning data for the characterization of forest structure and fuel properties Abstract   PDF_EN
P. Crespo-Peremarch, L.A. Ruiz
No 47 (2016) Qualification and Validation of the performances of the SAR instrument on board PAZ Abstract   PDF
J. Closa-Soteras, A. Zurita, J. Sánchez, M. Labriola, A. Solana
No 41 (2014) RBX: The new X-band SAR system from INTA Abstract   PDF
J.R. Larrañaga, R. de Porras, J. del Castillo, N. Gimeno, P. Aguilar, A.M. Baquero, N. Casal, P. Cifuentes, J.F. Cores, J.M. Cuerda, M. García, B. Gómez, M.J. González, A. López, D. Madroño, L. Ojalvo, A. Pedreira, S. Sánchez
No 50 (2017) Reflectances of SPOT multispectral images associated with the turbidity of the Upper Gulf of California Abstract   PDF
J.A. Aguilar-Maldonado, E. Santamaría-del-Ángel, M.T. Sebastiá-Frasquet
No 53 (2019) Remote sensing and ecosystem modeling to simulate terrestrial carbon fluxes Abstract   PDF
Sergio Sánchez-Ruiz
No 41 (2014) Remote sensing for greenhouse detection from stereo pairs of WorldView-2 satellite Abstract   PDF
M.A. Aguilar, M.A. Montalbán, M.M. Saldaña, F.J. Aguilar, I. Fernández, A.M. García-Lorca
No 42 (2014) Retrieval and assessment of CO2 uptake by mediterranean ecosystems using remote sensing and meteorological data Abstract   PDF
A. Moreno Martínez
No 42 (2014) RSR Calculator, a tool for the Calibration / Validation activities Abstract   PDF
C. Durán-Alarcón, A. Santamaría-Artigas, N. Valenzuela, C. Mattar
No 41 (2014) Scientific exploitation of PAZ products in coastal surveillance and monitoring tasks Abstract   PDF
M.P. Jarabo, M.J. González, D. de la Mata, J. Martín de Nicolás, N. del Rey, J.L. Bárcena, V.M. Peláez
No 41 (2014) Sentinel-3 MWR Microwave Radiometer – Our contribution to the success of the Copernicus programme Abstract   PDF
M.A. Palacios, M. Bergadà, R. González, A. Gamonal, J.L. García-Fernández, Y. Camacho
No 49 (2017): Special issue: Avances en el análisis de la severidad y la dinámica ambiental post-fuego mediante teledetección Severity study in Albinyana (Catalunya) forest fire, using SENTINEL-2 data Abstract   PDF
A. Guerrero, L. Pineda, V. Palà, J. Corbera
No 52 (2018) Small inner marsh area delimitation using remote sensing spectral indexes and decision tree method in southern Brazil Abstract   PDF
J.P.D. Simioni, L.A. Guasselli, L.F.C. Ruiz, V.F. Nascimento, G. de Oliveira
No 46 (2016) Soil moisture estimation using multi linear regression with terraSAR-X data Abstract   PDF
G. García, M. Brogioni, V. Venturini, L. Rodriguez, G. Fontanelli, E. Walker, S. Graciani, G. Macelloni
No 57 (2020) Spatial and temporal analysis of surface temperature in the Apacheta micro-basin using Landsat thermal data Abstract   PDF_ES
W. Moncada, B. Willems
No 42 (2014) Spatial distribution of the uncertainty in land cover maps obtained from remote sensing Abstract   PDF
X. Pons, E. Sevillano, G. Moré, P. Serra, D. Cornford, M. Ninyerola
No 55 (2020) Spatio temporal and climatic analysis of the high Andean wetland of Chalhuanca (Peru) during the period 1986-2016 Abstract   PDF
A. Pauca-Tanco, C. Ramos-Mamani, C.R. Luque-Fernández, C. Talavera-Delgado, J.F. Villasante-Benavides, J.P Quispe-Turpo, L. Villegas-Paredes
No 56 (2020): Special issue: Applications of Copernicus Sentinel Satellites Spatiotemporal patterns of Sentinel-2 observations at image- and pixel-level of the Mexican territory between 2015 and 2019 Abstract   PDF
J.V. Solórzano, J.F. Mas, Y. Gao, J.A. Gallardo-Cruz
No 47 (2016) Spectral characterization of Quillaja saponaria (Mol.) Abstract   PDF
T. Acuña, C. Mattar, H.J. Hernández
No 56 (2020): Special issue: Applications of Copernicus Sentinel Satellites Spectral signatures for the identification of dry forest using Sentinel-2 images over the Lower Basin of the Chira river, Piura region Abstract   PDF
C. Aldana, M. Revilla, J. Gonzales, Y. Saavedra, W. Moncada, J. Maicelo
No 57 (2020) Structural connectivity between the Páramos of Guacheneque and Los Cristales, Rabanal-Río Bogotá complex, Colombia Abstract   PDF_ES
Y. K. Forero-Gómez, P.A. Gil-Leguizamón, M.E. Morales-Puentes
No 49 (2017): Special issue: Avances en el análisis de la severidad y la dinámica ambiental post-fuego mediante teledetección Study of post-fire severity in the Valencia region comparing the NBR, RdNBR and RBR indexes derived from Landsat 8 images Abstract   PDF
M. A. Botella-Martínez, A. Fernández-Manso
No 43 (2015) Study of the NDVI with multi-scale and time-series analysis using SPOT imagery during the period 1998-2012 in Uruguay Abstract   PDF
M. Ceroni, M. Achkar, I. Gazzano, J. Burgueño
No 58 (2021) Study of water level fluctuations in Gallocanta Lake (Aragón, Spain) using Sentinel-2 imagery Abstract   PDF
Samuel Morales, Miriam Ruiz, Juan M. Soria
No 53 (2019) Study of wetlands in the Ecuadorian Andes through the comparison of Landsat-8 and Sentinel-2 images Abstract   PDF
C. Jara, J. Delegido, J. Ayala, P. Lozano, A. Armas, V. Flores
No 58 (2021) Surface water extent dynamics from three periods of continuous Landsat time series; subregional differences across Argentine plains Abstract   PDF
Vanina S. Aliaga, María C. Piccolo, Gerardo M. E. Perillo
No 51 (2018) Suspended Particulate Matter in the Río de la Plata: importance in its spatial and temporal variability of the Bermejo river Abstract   PDF
M.D. Camiolo, E. Cozzolino, A.J. Jaureguizar
No 46 (2016) System for monitoring ecosystem functioning of Network of National Parks of Spain with remote sensing Abstract   PDF
J. Cabello-Piñar, D. Alcaraz-Segura, A. Reyes-Díez, P. Lourenço, J.M. Requena, J. Bonache, P. Castillo, S. Valencia, J. Naya, L. Ramírez, J. Serrada
No 48 (2017) Temporal-space characterization of satellite sea surface temperature in tourist destinations: Partido de la Costa, Pinamar and Villa Gesell, Buenos Aires, Argentina Abstract   PDF
E. Verón, L. Allega, E. Cozzolino, M.D. Camiolo, C. Lasta, J. Codignotto
No 55 (2020) The 2017 Land Use/Land Cover Map of Catalonia based on Sentinel-2 images and auxiliary data Abstract   PDF
O. González-Guerrero, X. Pons
No 56 (2020): Special issue: Applications of Copernicus Sentinel Satellites The Copernicus EMS Validation service as a vector for improving the emergency mapping based on Sentinel data Abstract   PDF
U. Donezar-Hoyos, L. Albizua-Huarte, E. Amezketa-Lizarraga, I. Barinagarrementeria-Arrese, R. Ciriza-Labiano, T. de Blas-Corral, A. Larrañaga-Urien, F. Ros-Elso, A. Tamés-Noriega, M. Viñuales-Lasheras, M. Broglia, A. Steel, I. Ameztoy, P. Rufolo
No 47 (2016) Time series analysis of precipitation and vegetation to detect food production anomalies in the Horn of Africa. The case of Lower Shabelle (Somalia) Abstract   PDF
M. A. Belenguer-Plomer
No 51 (2018) TISSBERT: A benchmark for the validation and comparison of NDVI time series reconstruction methods Abstract   PDF
Y. Julien, J.A. Sobrino
No 43 (2015) Towards a long-term dataset of ELBARA-II measurements assisting SMOS level-3 land product and algorithm validation at the Valencia Anchor Station Abstract   PDF
R. Fernandez-Moran, J. P. Wigneron, E. López-Baeza, M. Miernecki, P. Salgado-Hernanz, M.A. Coll, Y. H. Kerr, M. Schwank
No 50 (2017) Trend in vegetational cover affected by fire in the Torres del Paine National Park Abstract   PDF
C. Rivera, C. Mattar, C. Durán-Alarcón
No 54 (2019) Turbidity and Secchi disc depth with Sentinel-2 in different trophic status reservoirs at the Comunidad Valenciana Abstract   PDF
J. Delegido, P. Urrego, E. Vicente, X. Sòria-Perpinyà, J.M. Soria, M. Pereira-Sandoval, A. Ruiz-Verdú, R. Peña, J. Moreno
No 44 (2015) Urban expansión of the Valencia Metropolitan Area during the period 1984-2011 from Landsat TM and ETM+ imagery Abstract   PDF
L. Fernández-Gimeno, M.J. López-García
No 50 (2017) Use of remote sensing tools for severity analysis and greenhouse gases estimation in large forest fires. Case study of La Rufina forest fire, VI Region of L. G. B. O´Higgins, Chile Abstract   PDF
P. Vidal, A. De Santis, W. Pérez, P. Honeyman
No 41 (2014) Use of UAVs for fauna detection as support of hunting census. REDIAM Abstract   PDF
R. Prieto Molina, E. Méndez, J.J. Vales, I. Pino, I.R. Carpintero, L. Granado, G. Montoya, F. Giménez de Azcárate, F. Cáceres, J.M. Moreira
No 55 (2020) Using hipersepctral images for decay detection in Pinus halepensis (Mill.) in the Mediterranean forest Abstract   PDF
M.L. Guillen-Climent, H. Mas, A. Fernández-Landa, N. Algeet-Abarquero, J.L. Tomé
No 46 (2016) Using low density LiDAR data to map Mediterranean forest characteristics by means of an area-based approach and height threshold analysis Abstract   PDF
J. Guerra-Hernández, M. Tomé, E. González-Ferreiro
No 44 (2015) Utilization of satellite images to study the thermal distribution in different soil covers in Bahia Blanca city (Argentina) Abstract   PDF
F. Ferrelli, M.L. Bustos, M.A. Huamantinco-Cisneros, M.C. Piccolo
No 46 (2016) Utilization of satellite images to understand the dynamics of Pampas shallow lakes Abstract   PDF
V.S. Aliaga, F. Ferrelli, V.Y. Bohn, M.C. Piccolo
No 49 (2017): Special issue: Avances en el análisis de la severidad y la dinámica ambiental post-fuego mediante teledetección Validation of the remote sensing indices dNBR and RdNBR to assess fire severity in the Oia-O Rosal (Pontevedra) wildfire in 2013 Abstract   PDF
S. Arellano Pérez, J.A. Vega, F. Rodríguez y Silva, C. Fernández, D. Vega-Nieva, J.G. Álvarez-González, A.D. Ruiz-González
No 47 (2016) Validation of UV solar radiation data from the Ozone Monitoring Instrument (OMI) with ground based measurements on the Mediterranean coast Abstract   PDF
F. Marchetti, A.R. Esteve, A.M. Siani, J.A. Martínez-Lozano, M.P. Utrillas
No 50 (2017) Vegetation anomalies associated with the ENSO phenomenon in the Cauca river valley, Colombia Abstract   PDF
J.M. Valencia, C.E. García, D. Montero
No 57 (2020) Vegetation phenology from satellite imagery: the case of the Iberian Peninsula and Balearic Islands (2001-2017) Abstract   PDF_ES
J.A. Caparros-Santiago, V.F. Rodríguez-Galiano
No 42 (2014) Vegetation vulnerability to drought in Spain Abstract   PDF
F.J. García-Haro, M. Campos-Taberner, N. Sabater, F. Belda, A. Moreno, M.A. Gilabert, B. Martínez, A. Pérez-Hoyos, J. Meliá
No 42 (2014) Weed mapping in early-season sunflower fields using images from an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) Abstract   PDF
J.M. Peña, J. Torres-Sánchez, A. Serrano-Pérez, F. López-Granados
No 51 (2018) Wheat yield prediction in Andalucía using MERIS Terrestrial Chlorophyll Index (MTCI) time series Abstract   PDF
V. Egea-Cobrero, V.F. Rodríguez-Galiano, E. Sánchez-Rodríguez, M.A. García-Pérez
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