ASTER L1B satellite data applied to geothermal in Cuba


  • V. González-Acosta Instituto de Geología y Paleontología - Servicio Geológico de Cuba
  • J. L. Torres-Zafra Instituto de Geología y Paleontología - Servicio Geológico de Cuba
  • E. M. González-Rodríguez UCTB de Investigaciones Geofísicas



Cuba, ASTER L1B, Geothermic, Satellite image


The 83 ASTER L1B thermal channels of Cuban territorial scenes, from 2000 to 2008 years, selected and processed with geothermal aims showed almost 50% of cloudy coverage. The vortex coordinated as well as other data from such metadata facilitated completing the designed database. From a preliminary mosaic with the images existent these were subsequently processed in order to obtain temperature images. Such images were then integrated into another mosaic with a suitable reclassification resulting in 11 classes with 3°C each. This allowed delimitating those anomalous zones where the greater distribution of pixels oscillated from 25°C to 37°C, and the cloudy coverage temperature aroused up to 20°C approximately. In the resulting temperature map, 69 polygons were a priori delimitated and categorized, as for their perspective and the temperature value above 40°C. These polygons were later overlapped to Google Earth images with the aim to identify those from anthropogenic origins. Finally it was obtained an estimation of the temperature value of the surface coverage of the national territory as well as the understanding of that the eastern zone is the most perspective. This is an experimental application, using satellite images ASTER L1B with geothermic purpose.


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Author Biographies

V. González-Acosta, Instituto de Geología y Paleontología - Servicio Geológico de Cuba

Ingeniera geóloga. Máster en Ciencias Geológicas. Investigadora Agregada. Departamento de Yacimientos Minerales.

J. L. Torres-Zafra, Instituto de Geología y Paleontología - Servicio Geológico de Cuba

Ingeniero geólogo. Máster en Ciencias Geológicas. Investigador Agregado. Departamento de Yacimientos Minerales.

E. M. González-Rodríguez, UCTB de Investigaciones Geofísicas

Ingeniera geóloga. Investigadora Agregada


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