Implementation and evaluation of the Landsat Ecosystem Disturbance Adaptive Processing Systems (LEDAPS) model: a case study in the Colombian Andes


  • G.M. Valencia Universidad de San Buenaventura
  • J.A. Anaya Universidad de Medellín
  • F.J. Caro-Lopera Universidad de Medellín



LEDAPS, Landsat, radiometric correction, Wilcoxon-Mann-Whitney test, Huber’s method, least trimmed squares, least absolute deviation, bootstrap.


This paper analyzes the reflectance obtained with a series of Landsat images processed with LEDAPS model in a region of the Colombian Andes. A total of 38 images of TM and ETM sensors were calibrated to surface reflectance using LEDAPS in order to determine difference among bands of the same sensor, difference between sensors and analyze temporal patterns. Exact nonparametric statistics allow to conclude that: a) surface reflectance for band 1–5 and 7 were significantly different and this difference remains among images of different dates; b) there are statistical similarities between the TM and ETM sensors bands; c) temporal variations on surface reflectance from the years 1986 to 2013 with the sensors studied are not statistically significant. These results are supported by the implementation of robust modeling with various methods resistant to unusual observations and other typical problems of the classical least squares modeling.


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Author Biographies

G.M. Valencia, Universidad de San Buenaventura

Facultad de Ingenierías

Director Especialización en Sistemas de Información Geográfica

J.A. Anaya, Universidad de Medellín

Facultad de Ingenierías

F.J. Caro-Lopera, Universidad de Medellín

Departamento de Ciencias Básicas


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