Sentinel-3 MWR Microwave Radiometer – Our contribution to the success of the Copernicus programme


  • M.A. Palacios Airbus Defence & Space
  • M. Bergadà EADS CASA Espacio
  • R. González EADS CASA Espacio
  • A. Gamonal EADS CASA Espacio
  • J.L. García-Fernández EADS CASA Espacio
  • Y. Camacho EADS CASA Espacio



NIR, Calibration, Accuracy, Radiometric resolution


The MWR builds, together with the SRAL altimeter, the S3 topography mission. The MWR, developed by EADS CASA Espacio as prime contractor, provides information for tropospheric path correction of SRAL measurements. MWR data can also be used for determining surface emissivity and soil moisture over land, surface energy budget investigations and ice characterization. The MWR instrument is a Noise Injection Radiometer (NIR), working at two frequencies (23.8/36.5 GHz), embarking a dual frequency horn antenna pointing to the cold sky for embedded autonomous calibration.


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Author Biography

M.A. Palacios, Airbus Defence & Space

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