Herbaceous biomass estimation using hyperspectral data, PLS regression and continuum removal transformation


  • M. Marabel-García Universidad de León
  • F. Álvarez-Taboada Universidad de León




biomass, grass, continuum-removal, spectroradiometer, hyperspectral, partial least squares regression


The aim of this research work was to compare the results of two methods to estimate aboveground biomass by using field spectrometer data: (i) Partial least squares regression (PLSR), and (ii) linear regression applied to the Maximum Band Depth (MBD) and Area Over the Minimum (AOM) indices. In both cases different regions of the spectrum were transformed by Continuum Removal (CR). Since the results using PLSR (R2=0.920, RMSE=3.622 g/m2) were similar to the results achieved by the indices (R2=0.915, RMSE=3.615 g/m2 for AOM), using the indices derived from CR is recommended, since their interpretation is easier than the PLS output.


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Author Biographies

M. Marabel-García, Universidad de León

GEOINCA-202. Universidad de León (Ponferrada)

F. Álvarez-Taboada, Universidad de León

GEOINCA-202. Universidad de León (Ponferrada)


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