Erosion, sedimentation and lateral migration of the Amazon River between the confluence of the Marañón-Ucayali rivers and the town of Indiana - Loreto, Peruvian Amazon




Amazon river, remote sensing, erosion, deposition, lateral migration


Fluvial dynamics are characterized by various phenomena that occur along the course of a river, among these processes of erosion, sedimentation, and lateral movement that affect the lives of riversiders settled on the banks of rivers in tropical regions. In this study we evaluated the indices of erosion, sedimentation and lateral migration of the main channel in three sectors of the middle basin of the Amazon River in the Peruvian Amazon. The results show great vulnerability to erosion and lateral migration in the "Samaria" sector and in part of the "Iquitos" sector. The “Muyuy” sector on the left bank presents a scenario of probable avulsion or incursion of the Amazon River on the Itaya River. The analyzed processes have been interpreted and illustrated through the use of procedures and techniques provided by Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems.


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