On Methods of Data Standardization of German Social Media Comments





Grammatical Error Correction, LanguageTool, data augmentation, seq2seq, T5, GPT-2


This article is part of a larger project aiming at identifying discursive strategies in social media discourses revolving around the topic of gender diversity, for which roughly 350,000 comments were scraped from the comments sections below YouTube videos relating to the topic in question. This article focuses on different methods of standardizing social media data in order to enhance further processing. More specifically, the data are corrected in terms of casing, spelling, and punctuation. Different tools and models (LanguageTool, T5, seq2seq, GPT-2) were tested. The best outcome was achieved by the German GPT-2 model: It scored highest in all of the applied scores (ROUGE, GLEU, BLEU), making it the best model for the task of Grammatical Error Correction in German social media data.


Download data is not yet available.


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